Patrice and Her Company

stock company / late 1800s-early 1900s

New York Dramatic Mirror; April 15, 1899 (pg18)


Probably the " swellest " vaudeville entertainment (so far as concerns title quality of the audience)
given this season was that held at Wullack's Theatre on Thursday afternoon. April 6, in aid of the
New York Exchange for Women's work. The patronesses included Mrs. Bussell Sage, the Vanderbilts, Belmont,
Oelrichs. and other well-known families, and the house, which was practically sold in advance, presented
a brilliant sight, being crowded with ladies and children of the " smart set." The programme was arranged
with a special view to the refinement of all the acts, a committee of ladies having previously made a tour
of the city vaudeville houses for the purpose of selecting the turns. Those honored by engagements were
"Mascot," the talking horse; John Till's marionettes. Duffy. Sawtelle and Duffy, Stevenson, the magician, the American vitagraph. Professor Beed's trained terriers, and Patrice and her company in her new
sketch, Edna's Ghost.

Goshen (Indiana) Democrat; Sat. September 26, 1903

"Patrice and her talented company in the beautiful scenic production 'Driven From Home' will be the
excellent attraction at the opera house this evening.

The Chicago Tribune; June 18, 1905

Des Moines (Iowa) Daily News; Sun. December 19, 1909

"Patrice and her company com in a playlet entitled 'The Lobbyist' by Herbert Hall Winslow. This sketch
concerns a woman lobbyist who exerts her influence on a congressman to get him to vote for a certain bill.
When he makes honest love to her and proposed marriage, she is ashamed of her calling and abandons it.
Chas. Hutchison and W.R. Crawford are in the cast."

The Independent, Volume 22 (Kansas City; 1909)

"Patrice and her company of players will appear in a new sketch full of comedy of an unusual
nature entitled 'The Lobbyist,' by Herbert Hall Winslow."

  • Family Theatre, Lancaster, PA (1909)

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