Pero & Wilson

"Jugglers and Barrel Jumpers" / 1900s-1910s

New York Dramatic Mirror; May 16, 1906 (pg.19) - (listing for Olympic Theatre, Chicago; 15th-19th)

Decatur (Georgia) Review, page 24, September 9, 1906 - Bijou Theater: (listing only)

Goodwin's Weekly (Salt Lake City, Utah); December 15, 1906 (pg.8) - "The Pero and Wilson team was both amusing and clever."

New York Dramatic Mirror; June 15, 1907 (pg.19) - (listing for Leland Park, PA; 10th-15th)

Variety 1907 (pg.17) - (listing for Drene. Meyers Co., Johnstown, PA)

New York Dramatic Mirror; March 16, 1907 (pg.22) - Pero and Wilson - Chicago, Ill.

Fort Wayne (Indiana) Sentinel; March 21, 1908 - (listing only)

Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette; Sunday, March 29, 1908 - "Pero and Wilson Are Good"

Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette; August 23, 1908 (pg.12)
- The Airdome (listing only)

Variety; March 1909 (Pg.8)
Important Michigan Opening: - Chicago, March 4; "The new Temple, Grand Rapids, Mich.,opened Monday, under the management of E. P. Churchill.
The inaugural bill consisted of... Pero and Wilson."

Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette; Friday, April 9, 1909 (pg.12)
- "Pero and Wilson, the jugglers, manipulators and barrel jumpers, have an act that keeps the eyes open. The acrobatic ability of Mr. Pero
is remarkable and of a sensational order, and beauty of Miss Wilson adds materially to the success of the act.
The applause they are given is well earned."

The Deseret News (Utah); May 6, 1910 (pg.5)
Mission Theatre - "Pero and Wilson give a singing, juggling and barrel jumping exhibition, also rendering a number of original stunts and novelties."

Waterloo (Iowa) Times-Tribune; Sunday, March 05, 1911
- (Crystal Theatre listing: "Pero and Wilson, Comedy Pantomimists")

The Jewish Herald (Houston, Tex.); Vol. 4, No. 11, Ed. 1, Thursday, November 30, 1911- Feature act at The Cozy ( a "3-a-day" house)

San Antonio (Texas) Light; Sunday, December 10, 1911
Royal Theatre - "Pero and Wilson will present a novelty which combines black art with other forms of entertainment. Their number is represented
as being extremely diverting and newspapers in other cities speak of it in the highest terms. Pero and Wilson have been on the big vaudeville
circuits for several years and have attained general recognition for ability to please."

The Milwaukee Journal - Aug 6, 1912 (pg.7) - Crystal Theatre - (listed as a "pantomime act")

Chicago: The Freeman ("An Illustrated Colored Newspaper") - Aug 10, 1912
"Pero & Wilson were one of the "white acts" (sic) playing at the Grand."

Waterloo Reporter; Thursday, August 29, 1912
-"Pero and Wilson believe in silence and a great deal of it. In fact, they hand out
great bunches of quietness, but the fun is there also and what they do makes one laugh..."

Edwardsville Intelligence; Thursday, April 9, 1914 (pg.5) - "Big Feature Act - Pero and Wilson in Pantomime"

The Milwaukee Journal; Sunday, July 19, 1914 (pg.12) - Crystal Theatre (listing only)

Variety 1915
Empress Theatre; Portland (Oregon): 4-Week: "Piro (sic) and Wilson, good."

Utica (NY) Herald Dispatch; Tuesday Evening, March 14, 1916
- The Lumberg, "Utica's Most Popular Playhouse (Crowds Prove It!)"
- (advertisement: "Pero and Wilson, Comedy Jugglers")

The New York Clipper; May 29, 1915 (pg.49)
Cincinnati; Chester Opera House -"... the free vaudeville will be provided by Pero and Wilson..."

The New York Clipper; September 5, 1917
American Theatre - "Pero and Wilson, in 'Bits of Vaudeville' drew a good share of approval for their work (see New Acts).

The New York Clipper; September 19, 1917 (pg.28)
- advertisement: "Pero and Wilson - European Novelty Act - Juggling, Barrel Spinning and Jumping - Playing Loew Circuit"
Note: first time seen mentioned as European.

The New York Clipper; November 7, 1917 (pg.32) - (same ad)

The New York Clipper; November 14, 1917 (pg.26) - (same ad)

Variety July 14, 1918 (pg.17) - Bijou Birmingham, Ala. (listing only)

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