Prince Floro

man/ape / early 1900s

- Winnepeg Free Press / September 7, 1912 (pg.18) -              - Seattle (WA) Tribune / October 12, 1912 -              - Salt Lake (UT) Tribune (pg7) / December 28, 1912 -

- Fort Wayne (IA) Journal Gazette / September 17, 1913 (pg8) -                    - Washington (DC) Post May 26, 1914 (pg4) -

Prince Floro has scientists guessing. He has been called the man monkey while others have
insisted he is an ape and even a man. He is believed to be a man by George Hildreth whose
custody he was given for his American tour by his captor, an Englishman who discovered while on an expedition in Africa.

He gives an enterance that is said to be astounding and will introduce some extra-ordinary feats.
His figure is black in a pure white costume standing out strong under the spotlight against a black background.

(Note: The above is a highly imaginative translation of an extremely grabled version of a newspaper article that had obviously been make by DragonDiction or some other computer computer
quick-scan reference tool which often gives you unintendedly hilarious (and sometimes pornographic) results. I only hope I was able to catch the drift of the reviewer's intentions. After reading
early twentieth-century theatre reviews for this long, you can usually find the pattern of a writer's style. They tended to be "delighted" easily.


Empress-Clunie Theatre / Sacramento, CA / Empress Vaudeville Program / November 24, 1912

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