Rex's Comedy Circus

animal act / early 1900s

Listings only: REX'S Comedy Circus at the Orpheum "•Frisco. 22-28" (AUGUST 18, 1915; THE NEW YORK DRAMATIC MIRROR - pg21) -
"Rex's Comedy Circus, fair." (at the Detroit Opheum. Variety; Feb. 1915, pg25) - "Rex's Comedy Circus; (holdover), opened splendidly."
(at the San Francisco Orpheum. Variety; Feb. 1915, pg25) - "Rex's Comedy Circus at the Orpheum; Minneapolis; St. Paul"
(The Billboard; Dec. 4, 1915, pg42) - Rex's Comedy Circus at the Pittsburgh Hippodrome (New York Dramatic Mirror; July 31, 1909; pg24)
Rex's Comedy Circus at the Empire Theatre, NY (September 15, 1908; The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, NY; pg24) - ,

Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia, Pa.: October 17, 1914; pg13)

AUGUST 22, 1908 THE NEW YORK DRAMATIC MIRROR (pg17): "Colonial Days Put on at the Fifth Avenue by B. A. Broom, with... Rex's Circus..."

A Funny Mule

"Rex's Comedy Circus was one of the features of the bill at Henderson's. The best thing in the act is a mule that the
assistants try in vain to ride, much to the amusement of the audience."

"There are also two ponies, a clown and a dog in the act. which lacks novelty owing to Its resemblance to that of
Cliffe Berzac, the routine being almost exactly the same. The dog, a fine collie, is used on the revolving table,
as well as one of the ponies. The would-be riders of the mule also furnish amusement by falling from the table
while it is in motion."

Evening Public Ledger; (Philadelphia, Pa.; October 17, 1914 pg12):
"Rex's comedy circus including trained ponies, dogs, cats and 'Dynamite' the kicking mule."

The Charlotte News: Charlotte, North Carolina (Monday, January 11, 1915 pg10)


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