Sebastian Merrill & Co.

cyclists / 1910s

Harrisburg Courier (PA); April 30, 1911

Spokane Daily Chronicle; January 19, 1914

Empress Theatre
"Sebastian Merrill and his Yip Yaps combine fun with one of the most startling bicycle
acts ever seen in Spokane. Few trick cyclists have introduced so many freak vehicles in
an act as do Merrill and his partners, and none has attempted a more daring feat than
the tandem somersault, in which two riders are catapulted through the air, turning
completely over before alighting on the stage. The act deserves headline honors."

The Ogden Standard (Utah); April 01, 1914

Empress Theatre
"The other big act is Sebastian Merrill and his Yip-Yaps, or 'Whirlwind Cycling Wonders"

Goodwin's Weekly (Salt Lake City, Utah); April 4, 1914

Indianapolis Star; April 1, 1915

San Francisco Chronicle; March 11, 1917

"...the Sebastian Merrill company will offer a comedy cycling act..."

San Francisco Chronicle; July 1, 1919

"Sebastian Merrill and company in 'Tictacs,' a great cycling act."

San Francisco Chronicle; July 8, 1919

"...Sebastian Merrill and company, America's premier cyclists..."

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