Sidney Grant

comedian / 1900s

- Boston Daily Post / October 14, 1901 (pg5) -

New York Clipper; May 12, 1900
Chicago listings
- Olympic: "The bill Includes Sidney Grant and Miss Norton."

New York Dramatic Mirror; June 23, 1900 (pg.16)
- "Sidney Grant and Miss Norton finished their five weeks' season in Chicago at the Masonic
Temple Roof, and were given a most enthusiastic send-off at the final Saturday matinee."

National Police Gazette (New York); October 6, 1900 (pg.2)
"Sidney Grant, Miss Norton and Elseeta have arrived in town. They will take a
three weeks' rest and then begin an extended tour of the association houses."

The Times (Richmond, Virginia) Volume 15, Number 205; October 9, 1900
" ...followed by Sidney Grant and Miss Norton in a splendid sketch."

New York Clipper; December 29, 1900 (pg.10)
- Olympic Music Hall: "...Sidney Grant, Miss Norton, in imitations of stage folks."

Cambridge Chronicle; January 19, 1901
Keith's Theatre: "Sidney Grant, an accomplished mimic of other stage favorites ..."

Cambridge Chronicle; October 12, 1901
Keith's Theatre: "...Sidney Grant, the noted monologue comedian and mimic"

Cambridge Tribune; April 12, 1902
Keith's Theatre: "...Sidney Grant, the popular matinee monologue comedian and clever Imitator ...

Cambridge Chronicle; March 4, 1905
Keith's Theatre: "...Sidney Grant, monologue and mimetic comedian..."

Cambridge Chronicle 26 March 1904
Keith's Theatre: "...talented and widely known artists in the business, including Sidney Grant, mimetic comedian, who Is a pronounced matinee favorite ..."

Cambridge Chronicle; April 12, 1902
Keith's Theatre: "...Sidney Grant, monologue comedian and mimic of other stage favorites..."


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