Smith and Alexander

"Apache" dancers / 1900s

(Louise Alexander in Ziegfeld Follies of 1910)

(from Lewis Strang – An Unfortunate 1910:

"His wife, an actress known as Louise Alexander, performed as the Vampire (shown in the above picture)
in a musical production in New York, performing 'a dreadfully shocking dance' according to the Washington Post. Born Jeanne L.Spaulding, she had promised not to go back to the stage again when they married in 1908.

However, she returned to the stage in 1909, and they separated, Strang believing that she would tire of
the stage and return to him. He was disabused of this notion in 1910 when she was named by Mrs Bessie Clayton,
another well-known dancer, in a divorce suit against her husband Julian Mitchell, who was Mrs Strang’s
partner in the Vampire dance."

Variety 1909

Dances; Full Stage
Fifth Avenue Theatre

"Joe Smith and Louise Alexander were the original "Apache" dancers with "The Moulin Rouge."
They have several dances besides the Paris craze and the New York frost for their vaudeville
turn. Six dances are listed. Three only amount to anything. As the act runs too long anyway,
it would be well for the coupleto cut two of the remainder at least.

Aside from the 'Apache,' a dance called 'The Devil Tempting Innocence,' looked for a moment
as though it would start something, but there was not enough of it to get more than a quick
gasp from the audience. Miss Alexander appears for a matter of perhaps twenty seconds in a
pale yellow combination suit after the pattern of the black bathing suit worn by Annette Kellerman.
The outfit was cut extremely low, and for color this pale yellow thing has it all over the pink
for appearing flesh like. A third person is used at the opening of the 'Apache,' appearing just
long enough to sing one verse of a ballad.

Smith and Alexander put up about the best thing that has been seen in the 'Apache' line. It is
perhaps a little rough for some of the people with a nice sensitiveness, but it got over all
right at the Fifth Avenue on Monday night. Leaving out the desire for something sensational,
Smith and Alexander are easily capable of giving a dancing number for the varieties that should
be in demand. This was proven by the very excellent 'Mechanical Doll' number at the opening.
Miss Alexander makes an exceptional looking doll, and does the mechanical business beautifully.

The couple are strong in appearance, both looking extremely well throughout. When they decide to
'can' the 'Apache' thing, they should make a desirable, classy dancing vaudeville combination."

1909 B.F. Keith 5th Avenue Theatre Vaudeville-Kinetograph program

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