Upham-Whitney Revue

dance company / 1920s

Oakland (CA) Tribune; Saturday, August 4, 1928


Winnipeg (Manitoba) Free Press; Tuesday - June 19, 1928 (pg18)

- Orpheum Theatre, Keith-Albee Vaudeville:
"Graceful dancing and pretty costumes combined with refreshing
originality of treatment was displayed in the Upham-Whitney Revue.
Only one thing marred its excellence, the (?-unreadable) of its chorus.
The least said about that, decidedly the better."

Davenport (Iowa) Democrat And Leader; Sunday - October 28, 1928 (pg24)

Capitol Theatre:
"Upham-Whitney Revue with Jeanne Upham in 'Color, Grace and Truth"

Davenport (Iowa) Democrat And Leader; Monday - October 29, 1928 (pg11)

"Speaking of the Current Capitol Bill: Upham-Whitney Revue—
F l a s h song and dance act with Jeanne Upham
featured on her toes and aided by four girls and two men.
Billed as a headliner on a fairly entertaining program."

Davenport (Iowa) Democrat And Leader; Tuesday - October 30, 1928 (pg12)

"Bring The Family To See The Upham-Whitney Revue 'Color-Grace-Truth"

The Pittsburgh Press; Tuesday - Nov 27, 1928 (pg20)

Keith-Albee Vaudeville Davis Theatre Upham-Whitney Revue with Jeanne Upham

Los Angeles Orpheum Theatre / Vaudeville Program / July 22, 1928

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