Walter Terry and Nellie Elmer

song and dance / 1890s-1900s

New York Clipper; December 18, 1897

"Bijou Theatre: This now popular bouse had a large attendence all last week.
Booked for week 13-18 :... Walter Terry and Nellie Elmer..."

New York NY Dramatic Mirror 1898 Nov-Sep 1899

Walter Terry, and Nellie Elmer deserve special mention.

The Salt Lake Herald (Utah); November 11, 1900

"Walter Terry and Nellie Elmer, a song-and-dance team who appear later on, disuss matrimony.
The girl finally says, 'What kind of husband do you advise me to get?' He replies, 'Get a
single man, and let husbands alone."

The Indianapolis Journal; March 26, 1901

"Walter Terry and Nellie Elmer, in a comedy and dancing sketch accompanied by poorly
manipulated lighting effects, produce only a mild Impression.

The Indianapolis journal., February 08, 1903,

The Grand: "Walter Terry and Nellie Elmer and company will offer a sketch called
'The Dancing Missionary' with special scenery and handsome costuming."

The Indianapolis Journal; February 10, 1903

"Walter Terry and Nellie Elmer have a farce, termed "The Dancing Missionary," that starts
out as if it were going to prove a welcome novelty, but which winds up very lamely.
The dancing of Mr. Terry, however, is solid."

New York Clipper; June 20, 1903

Doyle's Pavilion Theatre (Frank Goldie , manager)
”This house , after extensive embellishment,
reopens with... Walter Terry and Nellie Elmer..."

Catholic Journal; February 1903

Cook Opera House
"Walter Terry and Nellie Elmer, in their own creation introducing artistic
singing and dancing specialties."

New York Clipper; July 1, 1905

"Richmond. — At the Casino (Wells & MeKee, managers) week of June 26:...
Walter Terry and Nellie Elmer Co...

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