Wright Huntington and Co.

stock troupe / 1900s

- from "Ainslee's Magazine," January 1901 -

("He produces one-act plays and is a type of the matinee hero in vaudeville.
His girl admirers in a Western city have presented him with a silk pillow.")


  • Chicago Tribune; Tuesday, December 11, 1900 -(Pg.4) The Sketch Rules Vaudeville
         "The sketch has preempted the vaudeville stage this week.
         Of the sixteen acts at the Chicago Opera-House, five were
         'one-act plays,' as the favorite description is. The Hay-
         Market furnishes four others and the Olympic four more. At
         the last-named house Wright Huntington, who once was the
         leading man of the Dearborn Stock company appeared in a
         sketch written by another former member of that company,
         Brandon Hurst.
    - (also: pg.5 - advertisement with Olympic Theatre listing)
    - by Sunday, December 30, 1900, the Wright Huntington Co. had moved to the Chicago Opera House.

  • Indianapolis Star; Tuesday, April 21, 1914 (pg.9) - Theatres: English's - "Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary" - 8.15pm

         "The pleasant and wholesome comedy that May Robson made so popular, 'The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary,'
         was offered last night at English's by the clever members of Wright Huntington's Players. And the
         play was put on with so much zest, acted with such skill and in so a manner that it might have
         seemed that the company had been playing it the whole season. There was none of the usual stock
         company hesitation or mistakes; each member of the cast showed the effects of thorough drill and
         careful study, and the whole play displayed the work of careful of clever stage management."


  • Proctor's Theatre / Newark / Vaudeville Program / February 29, 1904

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