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Danni, with friend and mentor Harold Lang,
shortly before his death from pancreatic cancer in 1985.

Your archivist and webmaster is Danni Bayles-Yeager.

Danni holds a Masters degree in Theatre Arts from CSU-Chico, where the legendary ballet-Broadway star Harold Lang
was her dance professor and dear friend for over 15 years.

Danni was a dance and drama instructor for over 25 years in both Northern and Southern California, but her fondest memories are of
the eleven years spent teaching at Shasta College in Redding - where she met her husband.

In 2005 she published Harold Lang - If He Asked Me, I Could Write A Book, the biography she promised Harold before his death in 1985:

Danni also holds a Masters in Library and Information Science degree from UCLA.

Combining this with her background and love of the performing arts is what makes this website possible.
The memory of Harold Lang makes it important to continue.
He always told Danni he could see her making a contribution to the profession
because of the intense interest she had in dance and theatre history.

Danni welcomes all your comments.

Since she also does her own html coding, please feel free to alert her if you find mistakes.
(Yes, she knows it looks rough, but she's only one person working alone and unfunded except for
a SS check - and constantly sponging off her extremely patient environmental-scientist husband.)

The process of scanning, cataloging and creating a webpage for each item
is a lonely, tedious, difficult one, and she appreciates your feedback.

Finally, there is no charge for using this material.
If you enjoy the site and want to show your appreciation,
please make a contribution to your local Humane Society.
(Danni has seven dogs and ten cats - all rescues.)

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