The Shepherd King

souvenir program / Knickerbocker Theatre / 1904

(starring Wright Lorimer / 27 performances)

The Shepherd King opened April 5, 1904 and ran through April 1904 at the Knickerbocker Theatre.

from The Stage As An Educator: CHARLES SPRAGUE SMITH ON A THEATRE FOR THE PEOPLE AND THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS (1920; re-The People's Institute of New York)

"In the spring of 1905.. the next step taken was to approach theatrical managers, seeking to secure admission for our audiences to their theatres at reduced rates.
Managers were at first quite unwilling to lend ear. At last, however, Mr. W. A. Brady offered to experiment with The Shepherd King, Wright Lorimer playing
the title role. All the seats reserved for The Institute's audience were sold almost at once; and for the first time in the history of the play, so far as audience
was concerned, the success was unqualified."

The production had a lengthly tour, including Boston's Majestic Theatre (Oct. 19, 1904.)
In 1923 the play was made into an unsuccessful motion picture, using primarily Italian actors.

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