Pavley-Oukrainsky Ballet Russe

Poli's Theatre / Springfield, MA / November 26, 1923

(found on front of program sheet for comic opera "Martha")

(found on back of program sheet)

Chicago Grand Opera Company's first ballet master was Luigi Albertieri (protégé of Enrico Cecchetti), but the opera became a base from which several successful Chicago resident dance companies emerged.
In 1922 two émigré dancers, Andreas Pavley and Serge Oukrainsky, among the opera's most illustrious early ballet masters, created Chicago's first independent ballet company,
the Pavley-Oukrainsky Ballet, which toured nationally and internationally until Pavley died in 1931.

Andreas Pavley in "Danse-Macabre" (1922)                                        Serge Oukrainsky

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