Edwin French

banjo player / 1880s

- New York Evening World / February 6, 1888 (pg.3) -                            - Boston Globe / April 12, 1891 (pg.10) -                            - Philadelphia Inquirer / February 20, 1894 (pg.5) -


  • The Sun (New York): March 20, 1887 (pg.7) - listing on Dockstader (minstrels) program

  • Freemasons: Grand Lodge of the State of New York - 1890:
        "...the entertainment came to a compulsory close by the performance of a banjo
        duet by Messrs. Edwin French, Sr. and Jr., which most satisfactorily accounts ..."

  • New York Times: The Theatrical Week February 1893:
        An entertainment will be given at the Standard Theatre tonight for the benefit of Edwin French, the banjo player.

  • New York Dramatic Mirror: November 4, 1899 - listed at Tony Pastor's and 125th St. Theatre

  • Burnt Cork and Tambourines: A Source Book of Negro Ministrelsy By William L. Slout     "One of the greatest of players was George Powers of the firm of Johnson and Powers;
        but E.M. Smith, in his time, was the greatest of them all. A close second was Edwin French."

  • from "British Banjo Makers (Weaver)":
        "Weaver banjos were played by many distinguished people (notably King Edward VII)
        and such leading professionals as James Bohee, Edwin French..."

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    Tony Pastor's 14th Street Theatre / NYC / Vaudeville Program / November 18, 1889

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