Pastor's Vaudeville Program

Tony Pastor's 14th Street Theatre / NYC / November 18, 1889

- New York Times article (Wednesday, November 13, 1889) -MR. TONY PASTOR:

That highly entertaining young woman, Miss Bessie Bonehill, whom Mr. Antonio Pastor discovered
In England and recently imported to America regardless of cost, added to ber laurels last night
by another appearance In her importer's theatre. Miss Bonehill has not been here long, but she
has utilized her time to such advantage that the theatre was packed last night with her admirers.

All the merit of the performance was not embodied In her, however. Mr. Pastor himself was there,
and he caroled his ballads and ditties with all his wonted felicity.

There were also Kelly and Ashby, Susie Rassell, Woodson and Bennett, Howe and Doyle,
Guyer and Goodwin, Alexandrina Dagmar, Sheridan and Flynn, Millie Hylion, and tbe Brahams.

Bessie Bonehill - Edwin French - Thomas J. Farron - Astarte - May Livingston

The Julians - Retlaw & Alton - The Davis - The Two Bees - Kelly & Ashby

Susie Russell - Woodson & Bennett - Howe & Doyle - Millie Hylton

Guyer & Goodwin - Alexanrina Dagmar - Sheridan & Flynn - The Brahams

(Actual program measures 10 1/2 "x 14")

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