Garrick Theatre

West 35th St.; New York, NY

opened 1890 / destroyed by fire 1932

The Garrick Theatre was a 910 seat theatre built in 1890 and located
on 67 West 35th Street New York. Designed by Francis Hatch Kimball and
commissioned by Edward Harrigan, who managed the theatre, originally
named Harringan's Theatre, until 1895. Richard Mansfield took over
from Harrigan, renaming it the Garrick. Charles Frohman assumed
management from 1896 until 1915. The Shuberts bought it in 1916 and
leased it to Otto Kahn, who named it Theatre du Vieux-Colombier.

Kahn later gave it to the Theatre Guild. The Shuberts resumed
management in 1925 and after three years of burlesque, it closed
in 1929. The building was demolished after a fire in 1932.

Programs available from this theatre:

  • Her Own Way (1903)

  • Gallops (1906)

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