The Three Arthurs

Eulalie & Kirwin / comic cyclists / 1890s

Stark Center Archives - November 21, 1914

Ottley R. Coulter Clippings (H.J. Lutcher Stark Collection

The Billboard; December 5, 1914 (pg.22)
Pubillones Opens In Havana: Havana, Cuba. Nov. 21.
"The Pubillones Clrcus opened Thursday night in the Pollteama Theatre to a packed house of the elite of Havana. Many Americans were here also to see the big opening of the Barnum
of Cuba. The acts with the show are... The Three Arthurs, cycling art..."

Portsmouth Herald; February 4, 1916

"The three Arthurs proved to be two ladies and a gentleman in one of the best cycle acts Portsmouth has yet entertained. Unlike the great majority of the cycle acts now playing
vaudeville, The Arthurs left out the comedy stunts and stuck to the exhibition of difficult riding, performlng the feature tricks with an ease that was almost unbelievable. That it is
one of the best acts of its kind playing in vaudeville today is not saying more than their fine work last evening merited."


Keith's Theatre / Indianapolis / Vaudeville Program / 1913

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