Proctors 5th Ave. Vaudeville

5th Avenue Theatre / NYC / March 29, 1909

(Actual program measures 4"x 9")

- New York Sun / March 29, 1909 (pg.12) -

Hugh Lloyd - Ben Welch - Mabel Hite & Mike Donlin - Duffin-Redcay Troupe

coming next week:

Ray Cox - Smith & Alexander - Brown & Nevarro - Butler & Bassett - Charmion - Clifford & Burke

New York Star, Issue 2 April 3, 1909 (page 83)

At Keith & Proctor's 5th Ave. Theatre
BUCKNER International Variety Agent- ROOM 517

"One of the best vaudeville bills ever seen in New York is holding forth at the Fifth Avenue Theater this week. Every night the house has been filled to capacity.
Hugh Lloyd the bounding rope wonder furnishes an interesting act for the opening. Ben Welch in Italian and Hebrew characterizations is on too early to make a very
good showing although his act is original and really humorous. Jesse L Lasky's extravagant production At the Waldorf with Beatrice McKenzie and Walter Shannon
featured is one of the cleverest of musical comedy sketches. Ida Lee Caston the maid and Percy Chapman the bellboy receive their share of applause in the dancing numbers.
Kipling's The Vampire is the song hit of the act. Mr Shannon renders this number with much vocal and dramatic ability. The costumes of this act are very elaborate.

Ray Cox, "the College Girl," is immense. Mabel Hite and Mike Donlin receive a tremendous reception at every performance. Nat M Wills, "the happy tramp," could hold the
stage for an hour as far as the audience is concerned. Nat is playing at the Colonial Theater this week also. Jos C Smith and Louise Alexander late features of
The Queen of the Moulin Rouge are dancers of the neatest type. They execute six dancing numbers including their famous Apache dance which they originated in America.
Duffin Redcap Troupe close the bill with a sensational casting act."

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