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*Notes: Some programs are only partly scanned; others are complete - ads and all.

(Books are all from my own library. They usually have covers scanned and a personal review.)


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1806 plays Books Cawthorns Minor British Theatre
(London / contains scripts for 5 popular plays)

1824 program* Other Shows/Regional Woman Never Vext
(London / Theatre Royal / starring Robert Keely)

1843 plays Books Vaudeville
(contains scripts for 22 "vaudevilles")

1847 ballet Books The Natural History of the Ballet Girl (facsimile)
1862 program Other Shows/Regional That Nose
(Boston / Boston Museum / starring William Warren)

1868 program Other Shows/Regional Fowl Play
(Boston / Selwyn Theatre / curtainriser, "Follies of a Night")

1870 program Vaudeville Acts Manning's Minstrels
(Dearborn, IL / Dearborn Theatre / minstrel show)

1874 program* Other Shows/Regional The Chimney Corner
(Boston, MS / Boston Theatre / starring H.S. Murdoch)

1874 program* Other Shows/Regional He's Jack Sheppard!
(Boston, MS / Boston Theatre / starring H.S. Murdoch)

1874 program* Other Shows/Regional The Widow's Victim
(Boston, MS / Boston Theatre / starring H.S. Murdoch)

1877 program* Broadway Romeo and Juliet
(NYC / Fifth Ave. Theatre / starring Mary Anderson)

1878 program* Broadway Diplomacy
(NYC / Wallack's Theatre / starring Lester Wallack)

1878 program* Broadway Champagne and Oysters
(NYC / Park Theatre / starring James Lewis)

1879 program* Broadway The Banker's Daughter
(NYC / Union Square Theatre / starring Sara Jewett)

1879 program* Boston Pinafore
(Boston Museum / curtainriser, "Cup of Tea")

1880 program* Broadway Widow Bedott!
(NYC / Haverly's 14th Street Theatre / starring Neil Burgess)

1880 program* Broadway Rice's Surprise Party - Revels
(NYC / Haverly's 14th Street Theatre / starring Neil Burgess)

1880 program* Other Shows/Regional Love in a Basement
(Hartford, CT / New National Theatre / starring Frank Harrison)

1880 program* Other Shows/Regional Our Goblins
(Chicago / Haverly's Theatre / starring William Gill)

1880-81 booklets Ephemeral/Misc French's Standard Dramas
(Rob-Roy, The Jewess, gun-Maker of Moscow, etc.)

1881 program* Broadway Forget-Me-Not
(NYC / Wallack's Theatre / starring Rose Coghlan)

1881 program* Music Fatinitza
(Brooklyn, NY / Academy of Music / starring Adalaide Phillips)

1882 program Broadway The Lights O'London
(NYC / Union Square Theatre / starring Charles Thorne)

1882 article Ephemera Southern California's First Opera House
(San Bernardino Opera House / Press-Enterprise article; 11/28/2010)

1882 program* Broadway Mother-In-Law
(Abbey's New Park Theatre / starring W.J. Ferguson)

1882 program* Broadway Divorcons
(NYC / Abbey's New Park Theatre / starring Alice Dunning Lingard)

1883 program Other Shows/Regional The Lancers
(Boston / Bijou Theatre / starring Charles Wyndham)

1883 program Other Shows/Regional East Lynn
(Chicago / Academy of Music / starring Ada Grey)

1883 program Other Shows/Regional The Puritan Maid
(Turner's New Opera House / starring Minnie Madden)

1885 program Broadway Evangeline
(NYC / Bartley Campbell's 14th Street Theatre / starring Faye Templeton)

c1885 photo Ephemera Vicar of Wakefield
(lithograph of Henry Irving and Ellen Terry in costume for play)

1886 program Other Shows/Regional Arrah-Na-Pogue
(Bath, NY / Purdy's Opera House / starring Dorritt Ashton)

1887 program Other Shows/Regional Ermine
(Boston / Globe Theatre / Rudolph Aronson's Comic Opera Co.)

1888 program Other Shows/Regional Forsake Me Not
(St. Paul / People's Theatre / theatre's opening souvenir program)

1889 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Program
(Tony Pastor's 14th Street Theatre / starring Bessie Bonehill)

1890s scrapbook Ephemera Charlotte Cushman Club scrapbook
(1888-1896 / Philadelphia)

1890s proof sheet Ephemera La Americana:
30 photos of actresses
(hand-tinted / stage & vaudeville)

1890 program* Broadway A Scrap of Paper
(Albany / Harmanus Bleecker Hall / starring Mrs. Kendal)

1890 program* Broadway The Artist's Dream
(Albany / Harmanus Bleecker Hall / starring Helen Hoy)

1891 program Other Shows/Regional The Liliputians
(Philadelphia / Broad Street Theatre)

c.1891 photo Ephemera Elsie DeWolfe
(photo from scrapbook)

1892 program Other Shows/Regional The Middleman
(Boston / Tremont Theatre / starring Edward S. Willard)

1892-1910 souvenir booklet Vaudeville Acts Fitz-Webster
(touring vaudeville troupe)

1894 program Other Shows/Regional Love On Crutches
(Boston / Hollis St. Theatre / starring Ada Rehan)

1894 guide book Ephemera Keith Theatre Souvenir Book of Boston
(with map)

1895 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Program
(NYC / B.F. Keith's Union Square Theatre )

1895 program Other Shows/Regional Linsey Woolsey
(Chicago / McVicker's Theatre / starring Edna Terry)

1895 program/clipping Other Shows/Regional Little Christopher
(Philadelphia / Chestnut St. Opera House / starring Fannie Johnston)

1895 program/clipping Other Shows/Regional The School For Scandal
(Philadelphia / Chestnut St. Opera House / starring Ada Rehan)

1895 program/clipping Other Shows/Regional Pacific Mail
(Philadelphia / Chestnut St. Opera House / starring William H. Crane)

1895 program/clipping Other Shows/Regional Taming of the Shrew
(Philadelphia / Chestnut St. Opera House / starring Ada Rehan)

1895 program/clipping Other Shows/Regional Twelfth Night
(Philadelphia / Chestnut St. Opera House / starring Ada Rehan)

1895 program Other Shows/Regional The Cotton King
(Chicago / McVicker's Theatre / starring Edward R. Mawson)

1896 program Other Shows/Regional The Rogue's Comedy
(Boston / Tremont Theatre / starring E.S. Willard)

1896 program Other Shows/Regional (Opera) Erminie
(Boston / Castle Square Theatre / starring Edith Mason)

1896 program Other Shows/Regional (Opera) Carmen
(Boston / Castle Square Theatre / starring Mary Linck)

1896 program Other Shows/Regional (Opera) The Queens Lace Hankerchief
(Boston / Castle Square Theatre / starring Edith Mason)

1896 program Music (Opera) La Mascotte
(Boston / Castle Square Theatre / starring Edith Mason)

1898 program Other Shows/Regional The Bride-Elect
(Detroit Opera House / starring Christie MacDonald)

1898 program Broadway Black and Tan Minstels
(Brooklyn, NY Memorial Hall)

1898 program Other Shows/Regional Shore Acres
(Boston Theatre / starring James A. Herne)

1899 program* Other Shows/Regional Romeo and Juliet
(Boston / Hollis Street Theatre / starring Maud Adams)

1899 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Program
(NYC / Koster & Bial's Music Hall / starring The Cardownie Troupe)

1899 program Other Shows/Regional Lord and Lady Algy
(Boston / Hollis Street Theatre / starring William Faversham, Jessie Millward)

1899 program Other Shows/Regional The Termagant
(Boston / Hollis Street Theatre / starring Olga Nethersole)

1899 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville program
(Buffalo, NY / Shea's Garden Theatre /
starring Leon Morris' Educated & Comedy Ponies)

1900 souvenir program Broadway A Royal Family
(NYC / Lyceum Theatre / starring Annie Russell)

1900 program* Broadway Only Way
(NYC / Columbia Theatre / starring Henry Miller)

1900 souvenir program Broadway Ben-Hur
(NYC / Broadway Theatre / starring William Farnum)

1900 souvenir program Other Shows/Regional Hamlin's Wizard Oil Concert Troupes
(Red Bluff, CA)

1900 vaudeville program Other Shows/Regional Vaudeville program
(First Street Theatre / Parkersburg, W.VA)

1901 article Ephemera The Wonder of Vaudeville
"Ainslee's Magazine" article

1901 souvenir program Broadway If I Were King
(NYC / Garden Theatre / starring E.H. Sothern)

1901 program* Broadway Blue Jeans
(NYC / 5th Ave. Theatre / starring Ned Howard Fowler)

1901 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville program
(Boston / Keith's Theatre)

1901 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville program
(Brighton Beach, NY)

1902 souvenir program Broadway When Knighthood Was In Flower
(souvenir program / starring Julia Marlowe)

1902 souvenir program Broadway Captain Molly
(Buffalo, NY / Teck Theatre / pre-Broadway run / starring Elizabeth Tyree)

1902 program Vaudeville Acts B.F. Keith's Vaudeville Program
(Boston, MS / B.F. Keith's "New" Theatre / Vaudeville)

1902 souvenir program Broadway Soldiers of Fortune
(souvenir program / starring Robert Edeson)

1902 program Broadway Show Girl
(NYC / Wallack's Theatre / starring Kathryn Hutchison)

1903 program Broadway Her Own Way
(Garrick Theatre / starring Maxine Elliott)

1903 program Vaudeville Acts & Programs Poli's Vaudeville
Poli's New Haven (CT)

1903 program Other Shows/Regional The Toreador
Baltimore Academy of Music

1904 program Broadway The Shepherd King
(NYC / Knickerbocker Theatre / starring Wright Lorimer)

1904 program Other Shows/Regional The Other Girl
(Boston / Park Theatre / starring Lionel Barrymore)

1904 program Other Shows/Regional Shore Acres
(Rochester, NY / National Theatre)

1904 sheet music Music I May Be Crazy, But I Ain't No Fool
(words & music by Alex Rogers / sung by Bert Williams)

1905 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville
(Newark / starring McWatters, Tyson & Co.)

1905 program Ephemera Camille
(Sarah Bernhardt 1905-05 Farewell Tour / French-English translation)

1905 program Broadway Leah Kleschna
(NYC / Manhattan Theatre / starring Mrs. Fiske)

1905 program Other Shows/Regional In Sunny South (First Grand Minstrel Show)
(Allston, MA / Sactuary Choir of St. Anthony's Church)

1905 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville house program
(Unique Theatre / Los Angeles)

1905 program Other Shows/Regional Sheridan or The Maid of Bath
(Belasco Theatre / Los Angeles)

1905 program Other Shows/Regional Fortunes of the King
(Belasco Theatre / Los Angeles)

1905 program Other Shows/Regional Heart of the Geisha
(Belasco Theatre / Los Angeles)

1905 photo Ephemera Luigi Von Kunits
(Concertmaster, Pittsburgh Orchestra)

1906 program Broadway Gallops
(NYC / Garrick Theatre / starring Charles Richman)

1906 program Vaudeville Acts Hathaway's Vaudeville Program
(New Bedford / Hathaway's Theatre / Vaudeville)

1906 program Other Shows/Regional When Knighthood Was In Flower
(Los Angeles / Belasco's Theatre)

1907 program Other Shows/Regional Marrying Mary
(Los Angeles / Mason Opera House / starring Marie Cahill, Eugene Cowles)

1907 program Other Shows/Regional The Scarlet Pimpernel
(Camden, NJ / Camden Theatre / starring Julia Neilson, Fred Terry)

1908 program Other Shows/Regional In The Bishop's Carriage
(LA / Belasco Theatre / starring Hobart Bosworth)

1908 program Other Shows/Regional A Knight For A Day
(Los Angeles / Mason Opera House / starring Elsie Herbert)

1908 program Broadway Ziegfeld Follies
(NYC / Jardin de Paris / starring Nora Bayes)

1908 program Other Shows/Regional Captain Swift
(Los Angeles / Belasco Theatre / starring A.H. VanBuran)

1908 program Other Shows/Regional A Grand Army Man
(Los Angeles / Belasco Theatre / starring David Warfield)

1908 program Broadway 3 Twins
(NYC / Herald Square Theatre / starring Victor Morley)

1908 program Other Shows/Regional Under the Gaslight
(New Bedford / Hathaway's Theatre / starring Zelie Davenport)

1908 program Other Shows/Regional The Melting Pot
(Chicago / Great Opera House / starring Walter Whiteside)

1909 program Vaudeville Acts Orpheum Vaudeville Program
(Brooklyn / Orpheum Theatre / starring Nat M. Willis)

1909 program Other Shows/Regional The Merry Widow
(Philadelphia / Forrest Theatre / starring Frances Cameron)

1909 program* Other Shows/Regional Sweet Kitty Bellairs
(San Francisco / Alcazar Theatre / starring Evelyn Vaughan)

1909 program* Other Shows/Regional The Bachelor's Baby
(Philadelphia / Broad Street Theatre / starring Francis Wilson)

1909 program Broadway The Servant in the House
(Brooklyn / Montauk Theatre / starring Tyrone Power, Sr.)

1909 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Program
(NYC / 5th Ave. Theatre / starring Ben Welch, Nat M. Willis)

1909 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Program
(NYC / Orpheum Theatre / starring The Great Lester)

1909 program* Other Shows/Regional What Every Woman Knows
(Philadelphia / Broad Street Theatre Theatre / starring Maude Adams)

1909 trade paper Ephemera B.F. Keith's Theatre News
(Volume V, # 31 / April 5 / Philadelphia)

1909 trade paper Ephemera B.F. Keith's Theatre News
(Volume V, # 34 / April 26 / Philadelphia)

1910 program Other Shows/Regional The Queen of the Cannibal Isles
(Boston / MIT Student Show / Shubert Theatre)

1910 program* Other Shows/Regional Merely Mary Ann
(San Francisco / Alcazar Theatre)

1910 program* Other Shows/Regional Merely Mary Ann
(San Francisco / Alcazar Theatre)

1910 program* Other Shows/Regional The Merchant of Venice
(Boston / Sam S. Shubert Theatre / starring Julia Marlowe and E.H. Sothern)

1910 theatrical history Books The American Stage Today
by William Winter

1910 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Bill
(Baltimore, MD / Maryland Theatre / "Kernans Triple Enterprise")

1911 program Other Shows/Regional The Rosary
(Trenton, NJ / Taylor Opera House)

1911 program* Other Shows/Regional Alice Sit By the Fire
(New York City / Empire Theatre)

1911 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Bill
(Los Angeles / Pantages Theatre)

1911 trade paper Ephemera Lester Lonergan Dramatic News
(Volume I, # 8 / December 25 / New Bedford)

1912 program Broadway A Butterfly On The Wheel
(NYC / 39th St. Theatre / starring Madge Titheradge)

1912 book Books A Butterfly On The Wheel
by C. Phillip Gull

1912 program Other Shows/Regional The Mysterious Miss Apache
(Columbia University / Columbia Varsity Show)

1912 program Other Shows/Regional Little Boy Blue
(Boston / Majestic Theatre / starring Gertrude Byran)

1912 program Other Shows/Regional Disraeli
(Boston / Plymouth Theatre / starring George Arliss)

1912 program Vaudeville Acts Empress Vaudeville
(Sacramento / Clunie Theatre /
featuring Lew Field's Fun In A Barber Shop)

1913 photo Ephemera Madge Miller
(clown costume photo from Rippel Bros. Show)

1913 postcard Ephemera Clunie Theatre; Sacramento, CA
(full-cast onstage photo from Panama)

1913 clipping Ephemera Ethel Barrymore
(clipping with photo from Roast Beef Medium)

1913 sheet music Music At the Ball, That's All
(from the Ziegfeld Follies of 1914)

1913 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Program
B.F. Keith's Theatre / Boston / April 14, 1913
1913 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Program
B.F. Keith's Theatre / Indianapolis / May 5, 1913
1913 program Other Shows/Regional Coming Thro the Rye
(Hathaway's Theatre / New Bedford / starring Amy Ricard)

1913 program Other Shows/Regional Shakespeare Series
(Lyric Theatre; Philadelphia, PA / starring E.H. Sothern and Julia Marlowe)

1913 program Other Shows/Regional Years of Discretion
(Nixon Theatre / Pittsburgh / starring E.M. Holland)

1914 program Other Shows/Regional The Sunshine Girl
(Court Street Theatre / Springfield, MA / starring Julia Sanderson)

1914 sheet music Music Love's Melody
(from "A Fool, His Money and A Girl")

1915 program* Other Shows/Regional The Legend of Leonora
(Philadelphia / Broad Street Theatre / starring Maude Adams)

1915 program* Other Shows/Regional Ladies Shakespeare
(Philadelphia / Broad Street Theatre / starring Maude Adams)

1915 program* Other Shows/Regional D'Arcy of the Guards
(Philadelphia / Walnut Street Theatre / starring William Ingersoll)

1916 program* Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Program
(Boston / Keith's Theatre)

1915 program* Other Shows/Regional Quality Street
(Philadelphia / Broad Street Theatre / starring Maude Adams)

1916 program Other Shows/Regional Chin-Chin
(Boston / Colonial Theatre / starring Montgomery & Stone)

1916 program Broadway Come Out of the Kitchen
(NYC / Geo. M. Cohan's Theatre / starring Ruth Chatterton)

1917 program Broadway Cheating Cheaters
(NYC / Eltinge Theatre / starring Anne Sutherland)

1917 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Program
B.F. Keith's Theatre / Boston / August 14, 1917
1917 program Broadway Turn To the Right
(NYC / Gaiety Theatre / starring Jason Robards (Sr.)

1917 program* Regional The High Cost of Loving
(San Francisco / Alcazar Theatre / starring Kolb & Dill

1918 program Broadway Seventeen
(NYC / Booth Theatre / starring Morgan Farley)

1918 program Broadway Nothing But Lies
(NYC / Longacre Theatre / starring William Collier)

1918 program Broadway Off-Chance
(NYC / Empire Theatre / starring Ethel Barrymore)

1919 program Broadway Aphrodite
(NYC / Century Theatre / starring Hazel Alden)

1919 program Broadway The Gold Diggers
(NYC / Lyceum Theatre / starring Ina Claire)

1920s program* Vaudeville revue Flirtation; A Comedy of Youth Sprinkled With Music
(Washington, DC / B.F. Keith's Theatre

1920 program* Broadway Abraham Lincoln
(NYC / Cort Theatre / starring Frank McGlynn)

1920 program Vaudeville Acts Palace Theatre
(NYC / vaudeville / starring the Four Mortons)

1920 program Broadway 1920 Ziegfeld Follies
(NYC / New Amsterdam Theatre / starring W.C. Fields)

1920 postcards Ephemera Pantages Theatre postcard
(Los Angeles / Pantages Theatre )

1920 program Other Shows Polly With A Past
(Los Angeles / Morosco Theatre)

1920 program Other Shows Forever After
(Philadelphia / Lyric Theatre)

1920 program* Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Program
(Washington, DC / Keith's Theatre / starring Emma Trentini)

1920 program* Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Program
(Washington, DC / B.F. Keith's Theatre / starring Margaret Young)

1921 program off-Broadway The Great Adventure
(NYC / Neighborhood Playhouse / Henry Street Settlement)

1921 program Other Shows Deception
(Silent Film / Colonial Theatre)

1921 program Broadway Blossom Time
(NYC / Ambassador, 59th, Century Theatres / starring Olga Cook)

1921 program Broadway The Merry Widow
(NYC / Knickerbocker Theatre / starring Lydia Lipkowaka)

1921 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Program
(NYC / Orpheum Theatre / starring Gertrude Hoffman)

1922 program Other Shows Bomba
(Chicago / Apollo Theatre)

1922 program Other Shows Kinema Programette
(Los Angeles / Kinema Theatre)

1923 program Broadway Mary, Mary
(NYC / Belasko Theatre / starring Mrs. Fiske)

1923 program Music Martha
(Springfield, MS / Poli's Theatre / comic opera starring Consuela Escobar)

1923 program Dance Pavley-Oukrainsky Ballet Russe
(Springfield, MS / Poli's Theatre / Andreas Pavley, Serge-Oukrainsky)

1923 program Broadway Irene
(NYC / Shubert-Riviera Theatre / starring Dale Winter)

1923 program Vaudeville Acts Keith's Vaudeville
(Toledo, OH)

1924 program Broadway Madame Pompadour
(NYC / Martin Beck Theatre / starring Wilda Bennett)

1924 flier Ephemera Harry's Ad Show/Grand Prairie School
(vaudeville acts and film: Wild Cat Jordan)
1924 program Other Shows/Regional Captain Applejack
(Los Angles / Majestic Theatre / starring Wallace Eddinger)

1925 program Dance Anna Pavlova
Philharmonic Auditorium / Los Angeles / US "Farewell Tour"

1925 clipping Ephemera The Hindu
(clipping / San Bernardino Sun / starring Walter Whiteside)

1925 program Other Shows/Regional Candida
(Boston / Shubert-Plymouth Theatre / starring Caroll McComas)

1925 program Broadway Sky High
(NYC / Sam.S. Shubert Theatre / starring Willie Howard)

1925 program Broadway The City Chap
(NYC / Liberty Theatre / starring Richard "Skeet" Gallagher)

1925 program Broadway The Piker
(NYC / Eltinge Theatre / starring Lionel Barrymore)

1925 program Other Shows/Regional Romeo and Juliet
(Boston / Selwyn Theatre / starring Jane Cowl)

1925 letter Ephemera Werner Ballet Shoes
(San Francisco / letter to customer / Frances Beatrice Wilson)

1925 program Broadway Applesauce
(NYC / Ambassador Theatre / starring Allan Dinehart)

1925 program Other Shows/Regional So This Is London
(Los Angeles, CA / Morosco Theatre / starring Harlan Tucker)

1926 program Dance Anna Pavlova
Theatre Royal / Christchurch, New Zealand

1926 program Broadway The Charlot Revue of 1926
(NYC / Selwyn Theatre / starring Beatrice Lillie, Jack Buchanan)

1926 program Broadway Alias the Deacon
(NYC / Selwyn Theatre / starring Berton Churchill)

1926 program Broadway Young Blood
(NYC / Ritz Theatre / starring Helen Hayes)

1926 program Broadway Two Orphans
(NYC / Cosmopolitan Theatre / starring Mary Nash)

1926 program Other Shows/Regional Boomerang
(Lincoln, Nebraska / Lyric Theatre / Pierre Watkin Players)

1926 program Other Shows/Regional Butter and Egg Man
(Los Angeles, CA / Erlanger-Mason Theatre / starring Johnny Arthur)

1926 program Other Shows/Regional Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
(Los Angeles, CA / Belasco Theatre / starring Joan Marion)

1926 program Other Shows/Regional Cradle Snatchers
(Los Angeles, CA / The Playhouse / starring Edward Woods)

1926 film program Ephemera film program from Rivoli Theatre (Newark, NJ)
featuring "5 - Big Acts of High-Class Vaudeville - 5"
1926 trade paper Ephemera B.F. Keith's Theatre News
(Volume 28, # 43 / June 27 / Washington, D.C.)

1927 program Other Shows/Regional In Love With Love
(Los Angeles, CA / Playhouse Theatre / starring Edward Everett Horton)

1927 program Broadway Criss Cross
(NYC / Globe Theatre / starring Fred Stone)

1927 program Broadway Honeymoon Lane
(NYC / Knickerbocker Theatre / starring Eddie Dowling)

1927 program Broadway The Command to Love
(NYC / Longacre Theatre / starring Basil Rathbone)

1927 program Broadway A Night In Spain
(NYC / 44th St. Theatre / revue

1927 program Other Shows/Regional Tulare Theatre's Opening Night Program
(Vaudeville & Silent Film / Tulare, CA)

1927 program Other Shows/Regional The Wild Wescotts
(Comedy / Cort Theatre / Chicago)

1927 program Other Shows The Old Soak
(Comedy / State Theatre / Middletown, NY)

1928 program Vaudeville Acts Vaudeville Program
(Orpheum Theatre / Los Angeles)

1928 program Broadway The Patriot
(NYC / Majestic Theatre / introducing John Gielgud)

1928 program Broadway/preview Kingdom of God
(Boston / Ye Wilbur Theatre / starring Ethel Barrymore)

1928 program Broadway The Merchant of Venice
(NYC / Broadhurst Theatre / starring George Arliss)

1928 program Broadway Mr. Moneypenny
(NYC / Liberty Theatre / starring Hale Hamilton)

1928 autobiography Books Up The Years From Bloomsbury
by George Arliss

1928 program Other Shows/Regional Vaudeville Troupe
("Tommy," "Shepherd of the Hills," Chief Strongheart, etc.)

1928 program Broadway (preview) The Kingdom of God
(Boston / Ye Wilbur Theatre / starring Ethel Barrymore)

1929 program Broadway Little Show
(NYC / The Music Box / starring Clifton Webb, Fred Allen)

1929 ad Dance Pavlova
(Photoplay magazine / Cutex ad / April 1929)

1929 program* Broadway After Dark
(NJ / Old Rialto Theatre / starring Arthur C. Morris)

1929 program Broadway Follow Thru
(NYC / 46th Street Theatre / starring Arthur Aylesworth)

1929 program Broadway The Town's Woman
(NYC / Craig Theatre / starring Gladys Griswold)

1929 program Regional The Pilgrimage Play / Life of the Christ
(Los Angeles, CA / Pilgrimage Theatre )

1930 biography Books Taking the Curtain Call:
A Biography of Henry Arthur Jones
by Doris Arthur Jones

1930 theatrical history Books Born In A Beer Garden
Christopher Morley,

1930 program Other Shows/Regional The Breadwinner
(London / Vaudeville Theatre)

1931 clipping Dance Pavlova
(obituary / January 1931)

1931 program Broadway The Band Wagon
(NYC / New Amsterdam Theatre / starring Fred & Adele Astaire)

1931 magazine Dance Dance Magazine
(March 1931)

1931 flier Ephemera Tomorrow and Tomorrow
Belasco Theatre, Los Angeles
1931 program Other Shows/Regional Bad Girl
(Los Angeles / Belasco Theatre / starring Wallace Ford)

1931 program Broadway Ziegfeld Follies of 1931
(NYC / Ziegfeld Theatre / starring Helen Morgan)

1932 program Broadway Three's A Crowd
(NYC / Lyceum Theatre / starring Clifton Webb, Fred Allen)

1932 program Dance Ted Shawn and Dancers
(Maryland / Lyric Theatre / starring Ted Shawn)

1933 program Other Shows/Regional Her Man of Wax
(Washington, D.C. / National Theatre / starring Lenore Ulric)

1933 program Other Shows/Tour Co. Ziegfeld Follies of 1933
(Philadelphia / Forrest Theatre / starring Fannie Brice)

1934 program Broadway Wife Insurance
(NYC / Erlanger Theatre / starring Basil Sydney)

1934 program Broadway All the King's Horses
(New Haven / out-of-town previews / starring Guy Robertson)

1934 flier Ephemera Eva LeGallienne performance flier
(LA / Biltmore Theatre)

1935 program Other Shows/Regional Shining Hour
(Philadelphia / Broad Street Theatre / starring Rollo Peters)

1935 souvenir program Broadway Tobacco Road
(NYC / souvenir program / starring James Barton)

1935 biography Books Will Rogers "Ambassador of Good Will and Prince of Wit and Wisdom"
(Saalfield Publishing / by Jerome Beatty)

1936 biography Books Folks Say of Will Rogers
( G. P. Putnam's Sons Publishers / by William Howard Payne and Jake G. Lyons)

1936 program Broadway Hamlet
(NYC / Empire Theatre / starring John Giegud)

1936 program Broadway Three Men on a Horse
(NYC / The Playhouse / starring Joyce Arling, Shirley Booth)

1936 program Broadway Dead End
(NYC / Belasco Theatre / starring Joseph Downing, Marjorie Main)

1936 program Broadway Boy Meets Girl
(NYC / Cort Theatre / starring Joyce Arling, Jerome Cowan)

1936 flier Ephemera Stage Relief Fund flier
(NYC / Call It A Day )

1936 program Other Shows/Regional Dark Tower
(NYC / Broad Streeet Theatre / starring Jessie Royce Landis)

1936 program Broadway First Lady
(NYC / The Music Box / starring Jane Cowl)

1936 program Broadway Victoria Regina
(NYC / Broadhurst Theatre / starring Helen Hayes)

1936 program Broadway Winterset
(NYC / Martin Beck Theatre / starring Richard Bennett, Margo)

1937 program Broadway Wingless Victory
(NYC / Empire Theatre / starring Katharine Cornell)

1937 flier Ephemera Katherine Cornell performance flier
(NYC / Empire Theatre)

1937 program Broadway Father Malachy's Miracle
(NYC / St. James Theatre / starring Al Shean)

1937 2 programs Other Shows/Tour Co. The Wives of Henry VIII
(San Antonio, TX / starring Cornelia Otis Skinner)

1937 photo Ephemera High Tor
(starring Burgess Meredith, Peggy Ashcroft)

1938 program Broadway Leave It To Me
(NYC / Imperial Theatre / starring William Gaxton, Sophie Tucker)

1938 program Broadway Hamlet
(NYC / St. James Theatre / starring Maurice Evans)

1938 program Broadway Murder in the Cathedral
(NYC / Ritz Theatre / starring Richard Speaight)

1938 program Broadway Victoria Regina
(NYC / Martin Beck Theatre / starring Helen Hayes)

1938 photo Ephemera Victoria Regina
(newspaper photo of Helen Hayes as Queen Victoria)

1938 program Broadway Amphitryon 38
(NYC / Shubert Theatre / starring Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne)

1938 program Broadway Madame Capet
(out-of-town previews / Philadelphia / starring Eva Le Gallienne)

1938 program Broadway You Can't Take It With You
(souvenir program / Booth Theatre / starring Fred Stone)

1938 program Other Shows/Regional Richard II
(Texas Theatre / San Antonio, TX / starring Maurice Evans)

1938 reference Books Complete Book of Ballets
by Cyril W. Beaumont

1939 program Other Shows/Tour Co. Victoria Regina
(Dallas / Majestic Theatre / starring Helen Hayes)

1939 program Broadway The Primrose Path
(NYC / Biltmore Theatre / starring Helen Westley)

1939 program Broadway No Time For Comedy
(NYC / Ethel Barrymore Theatre / starring Lawrence Olivier)

1939 clipping Ephemera King Henry IV, Part I
(clipping showing Maurice Evans as Falstaff)

1939 program Broadway Family Portrait
(NYC / Morosco Theatre / starring Judith Anderson)

1939 program Broadway See My Lawyer
(NYC / Biltmore Theatre / starring Milton Berle)

1939 program Broadway Henry IV - Part I
(NYC / St. James Theatre / starring Maurice Evans)

1939 program Other Shows/Regional Abe Lincoln in Illinois
(Philadelphia / Forrest Theatre / starring Raymond Massey)

1939 program Other Shows/Tour Co. Taming of the Shrew
(Wisconsin Union Theatre (opening) / starring Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne)

1940s souvenir program Other Shows/Regional Earl Carrol's Hollywood
(Los Angeles / souvenir program / starring
"the most beautiful girls in the world")

1940s souvenir program Other Shows/Tour Co. Oklahoma
(souvenir program / Theatre Guild national touring co.)

1940s flier Ephemera Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
(San Francisco performances)

1940 program Dance Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
(Boston Opera House / starring Alexandra Danilova)

1940 program* Other Shows/Tour Co. George White's Scandals
(Biltmore Theatre; Los Angeles, CA / with Ann Miller)

1940 program* Other Shows/Regional Our Town
(Ebell Wilshire Theatre; Los Angeles / starring Harry Sturdy)

1940 program Dance Ballet Theatre / First Season
(NYC / Center Theatre / starring Patricia Bowman)

1940 program Broadway HellzaPoppin
(NYC / Winter Garden / starring Olsen and Johnson)

1940 souvenir program Broadway HellzaPoppin
(NYC / Winter Garden / starring Olsen and Johnson)

1941 program Broadway Theatre
(pre-Broadway run / Boston / starring Cornelia Otis Skinner)

1941 program Broadway Twelfth Night
(NYC / St. James Theatre / starring Helen Hayes, Maurice Evans)

1941 sales card Ephemera Twelfth Night / Seven Year Itch
(sales card found in program of Twelfth Night for recordings of Seven Year Itch)

1941 program Broadway Life With Father
(NYC / Empire Theatre / starring Howard Lindsay)

1941 program Broadway The Man Who Came to Dinner
(NYC / The Music Box / starring Monty Wooley)

1942 program Dance Ballet Theatre
(Metropolitan Opera House / Swan Lake / starring Alicia Markova)

1942 film program Ephemera 2 identical film programs from Gayety Theatre
(Chicago) featuring "Devil's Harvest - Marijuana"
1943 flier Ephemera New York Metropolitan Opera
(flier / "Figaro" / starring Ezio Pinza)

1943 program* Other Shows/Regional Claudia
(Boston / Colonial Theatre / starring Donald Cook)

1943 program Dance Ballet Theatre
(Chicago / "Giselle," etc. / starring Alicia Markova)

1944 fliers Ephemera Decision, Peepshow fliers
(NYC / Belasco Theatre and Fulton Theatre)

1944 program Other Shows/Regional The Drunkard
(Los Angeles / Theatre Mart / starring Jan Duggan)

1945 program Other Shows/Regional Blackouts of 1945
(Los Angeles / Theatre Mart / starring Ken Murray)

1944 program Broadway Sing Out, Sweet Land
(out-of-town previews / Philadelphia / starring Burl Ives, Alfred Drake)

1944 postcards Ephemera Abie's Irish Rose postcard
(Los Angeles Belasco Theatre Theatre)

1945 program Broadway Sing Out, Sweet Land
(NYC / International Theatre / starring Burl Ives, Alfred Drake)

1945 souvenir program Broadway The Red Mill
(NYC / souvenir program / starring Eddie Foy. Jr.)

1945 program Broadway Mr. Strauss Goes to Boston
(Boston / out of town previews / starring George Rigaud, Virginia MacWatters)

1945 clipping Ephemera Virginia MacWatters
(undated clipping w/photo of Virginia MacWatters found in
Mr. Strauss program)

1945 program Broadway Mr. Strauss Goes to Boston
(souvenir program / starring George Rigaud, Virginia MacWatters)

1945 sheet music Music Into the Night
(from Mr. Strauss Goes to Boston)

1945 sheet music Music Who Knows
(from Mr. Strauss Goes to Boston)

1945 sheet music Music Going Back Home
(from Mr. Strauss Goes to Boston)

1945 souvenir program Other Shows/Tour Co. Othello
(Portland, OR / souvenir & house program / starring Paul Robeson)

1945 program Broadway State of the Union
(NYC / Hudson Theatre / starring Ralph Bellamy)

1945 program Broadway Up In Central Park
(NYC / New Century Theatre / starring Noah Beery, Jr.)

1945 flier Ephemera Theatre Inc.
(NYC / found in program of Pygmalion)

1946 Donaldson Awards Broadway 1945-46 Eligibility List
(from Billboard magazine / for achievement in the theatre)

1946 souvenir program Broadway Follow The Girls
(NYC / souvenir program / starring Gertrude Niesen)

1946 flier Ephemera Home of the Brave
(NYC / Belasco Theatre / starring Alan Baxter)

1946 souvenir program Broadway Sweethearts
(Chicago / pre-Broadway run / starring Bobby Clark)

1946 program Broadway Icetime
(NYC / Rockefeller Center / starring Sonja Henie)

1946 program Broadway Show Boat
(NYC / Ziegfeld Theatre / starring Carol Bruce)

1946 program Broadway Up In Central Park
(NYC / Broadway Theatre / closing performance.)

1946 program Other Shows The Magnificent Yankee
(Boston / Colonial Theatre / starring Louis Calhern)

1946 program Other Shows/Tour Co. Oklahoma!
(Seattle, WA / Metropolitan Theatre / Theatre Guild national touring co.)

1946 program Other Shows/Tour Co. Lute Song
(San Francisco / Curran Theatre / starring Yul Brynner)

1946 program Dance Dance Fiesta
(San Francisco Opera House / Antonio Triana and Co.)

1946 program Dance Spring Russian Opera-Ballet Festival
(San Francisco Opera House / SF Opera & Ballet Associations)

1946 program Ephemera Anna Lucasta
(Mansfield Theatre / NYC / starring Isabelle Cooley)

1946 publicity postcard Broadway Anna Lucasta
(from April 1, 1946 program)

1947 souvenir program Broadway Sweethearts
(NYC / Shubert Theatre / starring Bobby Clark)

1947 dance Books How To Dance
by Thomas E. Parson

1947 dance Books Folk Dances For All
by Michael Herman

1947 flier Ephemera Crime and Punishment flier
(NYC / National Theatre / starring John Gielgud)

1948 program Other Shows As The Girls Go
(Boston Opera House / starring Bobby Clark)

1948 program Other Shows The King's Jesters
(King's Theatre / Hammersmith, London)

1948 program Other Shows Annie Get Your Gun
(American Theatre; St. Louis (house program) / starring Billie Worth)

1948 program Other Shows Annie Get Your Gun
(American Theatre; St. Louis (souvenir program) / starring Billie Worth)

1948 flier Ephemera Joy to the World
(NYC / Plymouth Theatre / starring Alfred Drake)

1948 sheet music Music Shauny O'Shay
(from Broadway show Look Ma, I'm Dancin')

1948 flier Ephemera Time For Elizabeth
(NYC / Fulton Theatre / starring Groucho Marx)

1948 souvenir program Broadway Look Ma, I'm Dancin'
(NYC / Adelphi Theatre / starring Nancy Walker)

1948 souvenir program Broadway Medea
(with script / starring Judith Anderson)

1948-49 program Dance Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
(souvenir porogram / starring Alexandra Danilova)

1949 program Other Shows Medea
(Detroit / starring Judith Anderson)

1949 program off-Broadway Medea
(New York City Center / starring Judith Anderson)

1949 magazine Music Hit Parader
April 1949

1949 program Broadway Kiss Me, Kate
(NYC / New Century Theatre / starring Alfred Drake)

1949 program Broadway Yes, M'Lord
(Booth Theatre / starring Elaine Stritch)

1950s flier Ephemera Mike Madill
(personal publicity flier)

1950 program Broadway Tickets, Please
(NYC / Coronet Theatre / starring the Hartmans)

1950 program Broadway Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
(NYC / Ziegfeld Theatre / starring Carol Channing)

1950 program Dance Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
(Chicago Opera House / starring Alexandra Danilova)

1950 program Broadway Ring Round the Moon
(NYC / Martin Beck Theatre / starring Lucile Watson)

1950 flier Ephemera RKO Palace Vaudeville
(NYC / RKO Palace Theatre / starring Ukelele Ike, Belle Baker)

1950 program Other Shows Yes, M'Lord
(Boston / Wilbur Theatre / starring Elaine Stritch)

1951 program Broadway South Pacific
(NYC / Majestic Theatre / starring Martha Wright, Roger Rico)

1951 program Other Shows I Know My Love
(Chicago / Selwyn Theatre / starring Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne)

1951 program Other Shows The Moon Is Blue
(Chicago / Harris Theatre / starring Leon Ames)

1951 program Other Shows/Regional A Streetcar Named Desire
(Chicago / Harris Theatre / starring Barbara McCoy)

1951 program Other Shows/Regional Kiss Me, Kate
(Nixon Theatre / Pittsburgh, PA / featuring Holly Harris)

1951 program Other Shows/Regional Red, White and Blue
(Chicago Opera House / featuring Larry Storch)

1951 program Dance New York City Ballet
(Chicago Opera House / starring Maria Tallchief)

1951 program Broadway Bell, Book and Candle
(NYC / Ethel Barrymore Theatre / Rex Harrison, Lilli Palmer)

1951 program Other Shows/Tour Co. Guys and Dolls
(National Road Co. / featuring Allen Jones)

1952 program Broadway New Faces of 1952
(NYC / Royale Theatre / introducing Eartha Kitt, Paul Lynde)

1952 program Broadway Fancy Meeting You Again
(NYC / Royale Theatre / starring Walter Matteau)

1952 program Broadway South Pacific
(NYC / Majestic Theatre / starring Clois Leachman)

1952 program Broadway Two On the Aisle
(NYC / Mark Hellinger Theatre / starring Bert Lahr, Delores Gray)

1952 program Other Shows/Regional Two's Company
(Pittsburg, PA / Nixon Theatre / starring Bette Davis)

1952 program Other Shows/Foreign Here's Tae Us
(Glasgow, Scotland / Metropole Theatre / starring Helen Norman)

1952 program Other Shows/Foreign Old King Cole
(Birmingham, UK / Theatre Royal/ starring Vic Oliver)

1952 program Broadway Pal Joey
(house program w/ticket stubs / Broadhurst Theatre / starring Harold Lang, Vivienne Segal)

1952 business card Ephemera Sherman Billingsley
(Stork Club owner)

1953 program Broadway Pal Joey
(souvenir program / Broadhurst Theatre /
starring Harold Lang, Vivienne Segal)

1953 program Broadway An Evening with Beatrice Lillie
(NYC / Booth Theatre / starring Beatrice Lillie)

1953 flier Ephemera (Can-Can flier)
1953 clipping Ephemera GM Motorama of 1953
(trade show / article and photos)

1953 clipping Ephemera Porgy and Bess
(clipping found in program showing Ziegfeld Theatre stage)

1953 program Other Shows Finian's Rainbow
(New Jersey / Neptune Music Circus / starring Edwin Dunning)

1953 program Music Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
(Rochester, NY / Eastman Theatre
1953 program Broadway Time Out For Ginger
(NYC / Lyceum Theatre / starring Melvyn Douglass)

1953 program Broadway Wonderful Town
(NYC / Winter Garden / starring Roslind Russell)

1953 program Other Shows/Tour Co. Pal Joey
(souvenir program / Broadway touring co. / starring Harold Lang, Carol Bruce)

1953 program Other Shows/Tour Co. Pal Joey
(Cincinnati, OH / Taft Theatre / starring Harold Lang, Carol Bruce)

1953 program Other Shows/Tour Co. Pal Joey
(Pittsburgh, PA / Nixon Theatre / starring Harold Lang, Carol Bruce)

1953 program Other Shows/Regional His and Hers
(Pittsburgh, PA / Nixon Theatre / starring Robert Preston, Celeste Holm)

1953 program Broadway Tea and Sympathy
(NYC / Ethel Barrymore Theatre / starring Deborah Kerr)

1953 postcards Ephemera West Lake Theatre postcard
(Los Angeles / West Lake Theatre)

1953 autobiography Books Broadway Heartbeat
Bernard Sobel

mid-1950's clipping Ephemera Johnson & Madill
(Gill Johnson & Mike Madill / "terp" act)

1954 preview card Ephemera Portrait of A Lady / ANTA Theatre
(NYC / Preview card for new ANTA Theatre)

1954 program Broadway Winner
(NYC / The Playhouse / starring Joan Tetzel, Tom Helmore)

1954 program Dance NYC Ballet Club / 4th Annual Choreographers' Night
(NYC / Central HS of Needle Trades / starring Arthur Mitchell)

1954 program Other Shows/Regional Stalag 17
(Pittsburgh, PA / Nixon Theatre / starring George Tobias)

1954 program Broadway Victor Borge; Comedy in Music
(NYC / John Golden Theatre / starring Victor Borge)

1954 reference Books A Miscellany For Dancers
Cyril Beaumont

1954 card Ephemera Fanny courtesy card
(signed by David Merrick and Joshua Logan)

1954 souvenir program Dance Jose Greco and His Company of Spanish Dancers
(1954 American tour)
1955 program off-Broadway (preview) Can-Can
(Philadelphia / Shubert Theatre / starring Lilo)

1955 program Dance New York City Ballet
(NY City Center / starring Tanaquil LeClercq)

1955 program Broadway Quadrille
(NYC / Coronet Theatre / starring Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne)

1955 program Other Shows/Regional Kiss Me, Kate
(Curran Theatre / San Francisco, CA / featuring Harold Lang)

1955 program Broadway Plain and Fancy
(NYC / Mark Hellinger Theatre / starring Barbara Cook)

1955 program Other Shows/Regional Time Out For Ginger
(New Hampshire / Eastern Slope Playhouse / starring James Coco)

1955 program Broadway Pipe Dream
(NYC / Sam S. Shubert Theatre / starring Helen Traubel)

1955 program Broadway Pajama Game
(NYC / St. James Theatre / starring John Raitt, Janis Paige)

1955 program Broadway Witness For the Prosecution
(NYC / Henry Miller's Theatre / starring Francis L. Sullivan)

1955 souvenir program Dance ( Jacob's Pillow dance festival)
1955 program Broadway The Saint of Bleecker Street
(NYC / Broadway Theatre / starring Virginia Copeland)

1955 program Broadway The Bad Seed
(NYC / Forty-Sixth Street Theatre / starring Nancy Kelly)

1955 article Ephemera The Bad Seed
("Saturday Review" article found in program)

1955 program Broadway Silk Stockings
(NYC / Imperial Theatre / starring Don Ameche, Hildegarde Neff)

1955 program Broadway The Diary of Anne Frank
(NYC / Cort Theatre / starring Susan Strasberg, Joseph Schildkraut)

1955 program Broadway The Skin of Our Teeth
(NYC / ANTA Theatre / starring Helen Hayes, George Abbott)

1955 program Broadway Tea and Sympathy
(NYC / Ethel Barrymore Theatre / starring Joan Fontaine)

1955 program Broadway The Dark Is Light Enough
(NYC / ANTA Theatre / starring Katharine Cornell, Tyrone Power)

1955 program Broadway A Hatful of Rain
(NYC / Lyceum Theatre / starring Ben Gazzara, Shelley Winters)

1955 program Broadway Damn Yankees
(NYC / Forty-Sixth Street Theatre / starring Gwen Verdon)

1955 program Broadway Joyce Grenfell Requests the Pleasure
(NYC / Bijou Theatre / starring Joyce Grenfell)

1955 program Broadway No Time For Sergeants
(NYC / Alvin Theatre / starring Andy Griffith, Don Knotts)

1955 program Broadway Le Bourgeoise Gentilhomme
(NYC / Broadway Theatre / Comedie Francaise)

1955 program Broadway Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
(NYC / Morosco Theatre / starring Barbara Bel Geddes)

1955 program Broadway Inherit the Wind
(NYC / National Theatre / starring Paul Muni, Ed Begley)

1955 program Broadway Can-Can
(NYC / Sam S. Shubert Theatre / starring Lilo)

1955 program Broadway Bus Stop
(NYC / The Music Box / starring Kim Stanley, Dick York)

1955 souvenir program Broadway Pajama Game
(NYC / St. James Theatre / starring John Raitt, Janis Paige)

1955 theatre history Books Merry Partners: The Age and Stage
of Harrigan & Hart
by E.J. Kahn, Jr.

1956 costume Books Ziegfeld Follies Paper Dolls
by Tom Tierney

1956 program Broadway The Great Sebastians
(NYC / Coronet Theatre / starring Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne)

1956 program Broadway Fallen Angels
(NYC / The Playhouse / starring Alice Pearce, Nancy Walker)

1956 program Broadway Bells Are Ringing
(NYC / Sam S. Shubert Theatre / starring Judy Holliday)

1956 program Broadway Janus
(NYC / Plymouth Theatre / starring Robert Preston)

1956 program Broadway My Fair Lady
(NYC / Mark Hellinger Theatre / starring Rex Harrison)

1956 program Other Shows/Regional Wonderful Town
(New Hampshire / Lakes Region Playhouse / starring Evelyn Page)

1956 program Other Shows/Regional Come On Up, Ring Twice
(Long Island / Capri Theatre / starring Mae West)

1956 program Broadway Teahouse of the August Moon
(NYC / Martin Beck Theatre / starring John Beal, Terence Kilburn)

1956 theatrical history Books Ziegfeld Follies
by Marjorie Farnsworth

1956 autobiography Books Much Ado About Me
by Fred Allen

1957 program Other Shows/Regional Anything Goes
(San Diego / Star-Light / starring Joy Cannon)

1957 program Broadway My Fair Lady
(NYC / Mark Hellinger Theatre / starring Julie Andrews)

1957 program Broadway Compulsion
(NYC / Ambassador Theatre / starring Roddy McDowall)

1957 program Broadway Visit to a Small Planet
(NYC / Booth Theatre / starring Cyril Ritchard)

1957 program Broadway Ziegfeld Follies of 1957
(NYC / Winter Garden / starring Beatrice Lillie, Harold Lang)

1958 program Broadway Sunrise at Campobello
(NYC / Cort Theatre / starring Ralph Bellamy)

1958 program Broadway Back to Methuselah
(NYC / Ambassador Theatre / starring Tyrone Power, Jr.)

1958 program Other Shows/Regional Porgy and Bess
(New Jersey / Camden Music Fair / starring John Bubbles)

1958 program Other Shows/Regional No Time For Sergeants
(Pittsburgh, PA / Nixon Theatre / starring Myron McCormick)

1958 clipping Ephemera No Time For Sergeants review
(Pittsburgh, PA)
1958 program Other Shows/Regional Damn Yankees
(Baltimore / Ford's Theatre / starring Leon Janney)

1958 program Broadway Oh Captain
(NYC / Alvin Theatre / starring Tony Randall, Alexander Danilova)

1958 ballet organizations Books Civic Ballet
by Anatole Chujoy

1958 program Broadway The Entertainer
(NYC / Royale Theatre / starring Lawrence Olivier)

1958 program Broadway Look Homeward, Angel
(NYC / Ethel Barrymore Theatre / starring Anthony Perkins)

1958 program Broadway The World of Susie Wong
(NYC / Ethel Barrymore Theatre / starring France Nuyen, William Shatner)

1959 program Broadway Cheri
(NYC / Morosco Theatre / starring Horst Buchholz, Kim Stanley)

1959 program Broadway On The Town
(NYC / Carnegie Hall Playhouse/ starring Harold Lang, Pat Carroll)

1959 program Other Shows/Regional Bells Are Ringing
(San Diego / Star-Light / starring Jean Hermes, Don Taylor)

1959 program Broadway Flower Drum Song
(NYC / St. James Theatre / starring Miyoshi Umeki, Pat Suzuki)

1959 program Dance Ballet Espanol
(NYC / Winter Gardens / starring Roberto Iglasias)

1959 Biography Books Isadora Duncan: Pioneer In the Art of Dance
by Irma Duncan

1960 program Broadway Five-Finger Exercise
(NYC / The Music Box / starring Jessica Tandy, Roland Culver)

1960 program Broadway Fiorello!
(NYC / Broadhurst Theatre / starring Tom Bosley)

1960 program Broadway Tenderloin
(NYC / Forty-Sixth Street Theatre / starring Maurice Evans)

1960 program Broadway Toys in the Attic
(NYC / Hudson Theatre / starring Jason Robards, Jr.)

1960 program Broadway The Good Soup
(NYC / Plymouth Theatre / starring Ruth Gordon, Pat Harrington)

1960 program Broadway Duel of Angels
(NYC / Helen Hayes Theatre / starring Vivian Leigh, Mary Ure)

1960 program Broadway La Plume de ma Tante
(NYC / Royale Theatre / starring Robert Dhery)

1960 program Broadway A Taste of Honey
(NYC / Lyceum Theatre / starring Joan Plowright)

1960 program Broadway My Fair Lady
(NYC / Mark Hellinger Theatre / starring Pamela Charles)

1960 program Broadway Becket
(NYC / St. James Theatre / starring Lawrence Olivier)

1960 program Broadway Take Me Along
(NYC / Sam S. Shubert Theatre / starring Jackie Gleason)

1960 program Broadway The Best Man
(NYC / Morosco Theatre / starring Melvyn Douglas)

1960 program Broadway The Hostage
(NYC / Cort Theatre / starring Michael Forrest)

1960 program Broadway Period of Adjustment
(NYC / Helen Hayes Theatre / starring Barbara Baxley)

1960 program Other Shows/Regional South Pacific
(Storrowton Music Fair, MS / starring Louise O'Brien)

1960 program Other Shows/Regional Teahouse of the August Moon
(Storrowton Music Fair, MS / starring Red Buttons)

1960 program Other Shows/Regional West Side Story
(Storrowton Music Fair, MS / starring Wisa D'Orso)

1960 program Broadway A Raisin in the Sun
(NYC / Belasco Theatre / starring Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee)

1960 autobiography Books One Thousand And One Night Stands
by Ted Shawn (autographed)

1960 autobiography Books Life On A Pogo Stick
by Ken Murray

1961 vaudeville history Books A Pictorial History of Vaudeville
by Bernard Sobel

1961 program Other Shows/National Touring Co. Flower Drum Song
Bushnell Memorial, CN / starring Jack Soo

1961 program Other Shows Destrey Rides Again
Rochester, NY / Town & Country Musicals / starring Harold Lang

1962 program Other Shows/Regional John Loves Mary
(Lake Regions Playhouse / starring Fabian

1962 house program Other Shows/Regional The Most Happy Fella
(Lake Regions Playhouse / starring Jane Powell

1962 house program off-Broadway Anything Goes
(NYC / York Playhouse / starring Hal Linden)

1962 souvenir program Other Shows/Regional The Most Happy Fella
(Dayton, OH / starring Jane Powell and Gene Holliman

1963 program Other shows/Regional The Devils
(Washington, DC / Arena Stage / starring Hurd Hatfield)

1963 costume design Books Costume Through the Ages
by James Laver

1963 theatrical history Books The Wicked Stage
by Abe Laufe

1963 autobiography Books I Bow To The Stones
by Jimmy Savo
(told to Nina Savo)

1963 program Other Shows/Regional West Side Story
(Oakland / PAC Playhouse / introducing Morgan Freeman)

1964 program Other Shows/Regional Home Movies
(Provincetown Playhouse / Orson Bean production)

1964 program Broadway New Pinter Plays
(NYC / Writers Stage / starring Frances Sternhagen)

1964 souvenir program Other Shows/Regional No Strings
(Maryland / Shady Grove / starring Diahann Carroll, Harold Lang)

1964 card Ephemera Oliver
(Actor's Fund Blood Bank notice)

1964 program Other shows/Regional Dark of the Moon
(Washington, DC / Arena Stage / starring René Auberjonois )

1964 libretto Books Fiddler On the Roof
by Joseph Stein

1965 dance Books Ballerina
by Anna Ilupina

1965 theatre history Books No Applause
Just Throw Money
by Trav S.D.

1965 program Broadway Leonard Berstein's Theatre Songs
(NYC / Theatre de Lys / starring Trude Adams)

1965 program Broadway A Race of Hairy Men
(NYC / Henry Miller's Theatre / starring Brandon deWilde)

1965 magazine Music March 1965 Hit Parader
1965 souvenir program Broadway Fiddler On the Roof
(NYC / souvenir program / starring Luther Adler)

1965 menu Ephemera Cattleman Enterprise
(NYC / promotional menu found in Fiddler On the Roof program)

1965 program Broadway Xmas in Las Vegas
(NYC / Ethel Barrymore Theatre / starring Tom Ewell)

1965 program off-Broadway The Decline and Fall of the Entire World As Seen
Through the Eyes of Cole Porter, Revisited
(NYC / Square East Theatre / starring Harold Lang, Kaye Ballard)

1965 flier Ephemera Broadway Answers Selma
(NYC / benefit concert flier found in Tiny Alice program)

1966 program Broadway The Mad Show
(NYC / New Theatre / starring Jo Anne Worley)

1966 program Broadway Fiddler On the Roof
(NYC / Imperial Theatre / starring Hershel Bernadi)

1967 magazine Music
(January 1967 Song Hits)

1967 magazine Music
(September 1967 Song Hits)

1967 dance history Books Dance Through the Ages
by Walter Sorell

1967 ballet instruction Books Technical Manual and
Dictionary of Classical Ballet
by Gail Grant

1968 program off-Broadway Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris
(NYC / Village Gate / starring Shawn Elliot)

1968 magazine Music
(April 1968 Song Hits)

1968 theatrical essays Books The Empty Space
by Peter Brook

1968 program Broadway Dames At Sea
(NYC / Bouwerie Lane Theatre / starring Bernadette Peters)

1968 program Broadway Your Own Thing
(NYC / Orpheum Theatre / starring Leland Palmer)

1968 article Dance For Feld, Hit No. 3
(Walter Terry / Saturday Review's World of Dance / Eliot Feld)

1968 article Dance The One Called "Uday"
(Walter Terry / Saturday Review's World of Dance / Uday Shankar)

1968 article Dance Youth
(Walter Terry / Saturday Review's World of Dance / Harkness Co.)

1968 program Other Shows/Regional Camelot
(Rock Island, Illinois / Augustana Musical Theatre)

1968 article Dance Ballet Costumes
(San Francisco Chronicle / Robert Commandry)

1968 program Broadway The Believers
(NYC / Garrick Theatre / starring Voices, Inc.)

1969 program Broadway Fire!
(NYC / Longacre Theatre / starring René Auberjonois)

1969 article Dance Dancing on TV
(Walter Terry / Saturday Review's World of Dance / Fred Astaire)

1969 article Dance Gate Crasher - Impresario
(Walter Terry / Saturday Review's World of Dance / Yale)

1969 article Dance Danish Delights
(Walter Terry / Saturday Review's World of Dance / Inge Sand)

1969 program Broadway Fiddler On the Roof
(NYC / Majestic Theatre / starring Harry Goz, Rae Allen)

1969 program Broadway Zorba the Greek
(NYC / Imperial Theatre / starring Herschel Bernardi)

1969 program Dance Lola Montes
(Red Bluff, CA / Community Concert Series)

1970s program Dance Dance Spectrum Choreographers' Workshop
(Dance Spectrum Studio / San Francisco, CA)

1970 program Other Shows/Regional The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
(CSU-Chico, CA / starring Mike Madill)

1970 program Broadway Company
(NYC / Alvin Theatre / starring Larry Kert)

1970 program Broadway The Me Nobody Knows
(NYC / Helen Hayes Theatre / starring Irene Cara)

1970 article Dance Sally Bailey; Red Shoes Do Come Off
(San Francisco Ballet / SF Examiner-Chronicle California Living)

1970 article Dance Stars over the Berkshires
(Walter Terry / Saturday Review's World of Dance / Jacob's Pillow)

1970 program Other Shows/Regional Hair
(Los Angeles / Aquarius Theater / starring Ted Neely)

1970 program Dance Burch Mann's Ballet America
(Redding, CA / Community Concert Series)

1970 program Dance Martha Graham's Dance Co.
(UC-Berkeley / Zellerbach Auditorium)

1971 program Broadway Applause
(NYC / Palace Theatre / starring Lauren Bacall)

1971 theatrical history Books Revue: A Story In Pictures
by Raymond Mander and Joe Mitchenson

1971 program Dance Merce Cunningham & Dance Co.
(UC-Berkeley / Zellerbach Auditorium)

1971 program Dance A Choreographer's Workshop
(Oakland, CA / Laney College)

1972 program Dance Royal Ballet
(Metropolitan Opera House / starring Rudolf Nureyev)

1974 theatrical history Books History of the Theatre
by Oscar G. Brockett

1974 dance history Books Every Little Movement
by Ted Shawn (autographed)

1975 program Other Shows/Regional The Fantasticks
(CSUC-Chico,CA / starring Bob Locke, Jan Hill, Tom Kinnee)

1975 biography Books Fred Astaire
by Stephen Harvey

1975 program Other Shows/Regional Jesus Christ Superstar
(Chicago / Shubert Theatre / starring Randy Wilson, Nat Morris)

1975 Stagecraft Books You Can Write A Play
by Milton E. Polsky

1976 program Regional/Foreign Yahoo
(London / Queen's Theatre / starring Alec Guinness)

1976 program Regional Sherlock Holmes
(Chicago / Shubert Theatre / starring Leonard Nimoy)

1976 program Regional Sherlock Holmes
(US touring co. souvenir program /
starring Leonard Nimoy)

1976 theatrical history Books On With the Show!
by Robert C. Toll

1976 theatrical history Books Here's To the Friars
by Joey Adams

1976 theatrical history Books Evelyn Nesbit and Stanford White:
Love and Death in the Gilded Age
by Joey Adams

1976 autobiography Books Of Minnie the Moocher and Me
by Cab Calloway

1976 biography Books Fred Astaire
by Michael Freedland

1977 house program Other Shows/Regional Killing Me Softly
(Red Bluff, CA / Poorhouse Playhouse / starring Jim Hanks)

1977 house program, photos Other Shows/Regional You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
(Red Bluff, CA / Poorhouse Playhouse / starring Mike Villanueva)

1977 souvenir & house program Dance National Folk Ballet of Yugoslavia
(Redding, CA / Community Concert Series)

1977 program Dance Oakland Ballet / Coppelia
(Shasta College / Redding, CA )

1977 costume Books Anatomy of Costume
by Robert Selbie & illustrated by Victor Anbrus

1977 autobiography Books Gypsy In My Soul
by Jose Greco

1977 autobiography Books Josh: My Up and Down, In and Out Life
by Joshua Logan

1977 program Dance American Ballet Theatre
Zellerbach Auditorium / U.C. Berkeley

1978 house program, photos Other Shows/Regional The Pajama Game
(Red Bluff, CA / Poorhouse Playhouse / starring Mike Jurich, Chris Stricker)

1978 house program, photos Other Shows/Regional The Odd Couple
(Red Bluff, CA / Poorhouse Playhouse / starring Mike Jurich, Dan Appel)

1978 souvenir program Broadway I Love My Wife
(NYC / souvenir program / starring Tom & Dick Smothers)

1978 dance history Books I Was There
by Walter Terry

1978 theatre history Books A Hard Act To Follow
by Peter Leslie

1978 program Dance Joffrey Ballet
(San Francisco Opera House)

1978 program Dance Oakland Ballet
(CSU- Chico)

1978 dance history Books Let's Dance
by Peter Buckman

1979 plays Books Neil Simon: Collected Works - Vol.2
by Neil Simon

1979 biography Books Fred Astaire
by Benny Green

1979 dance Books Jazz Dance &
Jazz Gymnastics
by Uta Fischen-Munstermann

1981 musicals Books Hollywood Musicals
by Ted Sennett

1982 autobiography Books The Unmaking of a Dancer_1982
by Joan Brady

1982 autobiography Books Winter Season
by Toni Bentley

1982 music Books Ultimate Broadway Gold
by Hal Leonard

1982 stagecraft Books Xavier Roberts Presents:
Little People Pals
by Xavier Roberts

1983 program Broadway Quartermaine's Terms
(NYC / Playhouse 91 / starring Lee Richardson)

1983 program Dance Picasso
(Shasta College / Redding, CA / Valerie Huston Dance Co.)

1983 program Dance Celebration Dance Co.
(Shasta College / Redding, CA)

1984 program Dance Pilobolus Dance Theatre
(UC-Berkeley / Zellerbach Auditorium)

1984 autobiography Books Split Seconds: A Remembrance
by Tamara Geva

1984 dance Books How To Jitterbug
by John Javna
with Crispin Pierce

1984 dance Books Breakdancing
by Mr. Fresh and the Supreme Rockers

1984 musicals Books Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance
by John Kobal

1984 theatre history Books American Vaudeville
As Seen By Its Contemporaries
edited by Charles W. Stein

1984 theatre history Books Automatic Vaudeville
by John Lahr

1984 program Dance Rosa Montoya / Bailes Flamencos
(San Francisco / May 1984 / 10th Anniversary Season)

1985 costume Books Ziegfeld Follies Paper Dolls
by Tom Tierney

1985 program Dance Oakland Ballet
(UC-Berkeley / Zellerbach Auditorium)

1986 program Other Shows/Regional Play It Again, Sam
(Des Moines / The Playhouse / starring Jeffrey Ethington)

1986 program Broadway Social Security
(NYC / Ethel Barrymore Theatre / starring Marlo Thomas)

1986 program Broadway The Mystery of Edwin Drood
(NYC / Imperial Theatre / starring Betty Buckley)

1986 program Other Shows/Regional Call Me Madam
(Sacramento Music Circus / starring Helen Reddy)

1986 theatrical history Books Make-Believe: The Magic of International Theatre
by Richard Collier

1988 program Dance Pilobolus Dance Theatre
(UCLA / Royce Hall)

1988 theatre history Books Best Remaining Seats
(Rh Value Publishing)

1988 theatre history Books Minnesota Theatre
by Frank M. Whiting

1988 autobiography Books Kitty: An Autobiography
by Kitty Carlisle Hart

1989 theatrical history Books Victorian Theatre
by Russell Jackson

1990 musical Books The Fantasticks
30th anniversary edition /
by Harvey Schmidt & Tom Jones

1990 program Other Shows/Regional Annie Get Your Gun
(Sacramento Music Circus / starring Vicki Lawrence)

1990 biography Books All His Jazz:
The Life and Death of Bob Fosse
Martin Gottfried

1990 reference Books The Emergence of Cinema
Charles Musser

1990 program Other Shows/Regional Into the Woods
(Sacramento Music Circus / starring Leslie Uggams)

1990 program Broadway Quiet On the Set
(NYC / Orpheum Theatre / starring Robert Newman)

1991 program Other Shows/Regional Sweet Charity
(Sacramento Music Circus / starring Donna McKechnie)

1992 souvenir program Dance Kirov Ballet
(official 1992 American souvenir program)

1992 program Broadway A Small Family Business
(NYC / The Music Box / starring Brian Murray)

1992 article Dance New York City Ballet / Guest Engagements
(Playbill / June 1992)

1992 program Other Shows/Regional Hello Dolly
(Sacramento Music Circus / starring Jo Anne Worley)

1992 program Other Shows/Regional Oklahoma!
(Sacramento Music Circus / starring Richard White, Susan Powell)

1992 autobiography Books Prodigal Son:
Dancing For Balanchine in a World of Pain and Magic
by Edward Villella

1992 autobiography Books The Other Side of Oz
by Buddy Ebsen

1992 musical book Books Xylophone Music From Ghana
by Trevor Wiggins &
Joseph Kobom

1992 biography Books An Angel With Muddy Feet
by Maggy Conn &
Shirley Smith

1993 program Broadway Jelly's Last Jam
(NYC / Virginia Theatre / starring Ben Vereen)

1993 program Broadway The Goodbye Girl
(NYC / Marquis Theatre / starring Bernedette Peters)

1993 program Broadway Shakespeare For My Father
(NYC / Helen Hayes Theatre / starring Lynn Redgrave)

1994 program Off-Broadway Merrily We Roll Along
(NYC / York Theatre / starring Anne Bobby, Malcolm Gets, Paul Harman)

1994 performing arts reference Books New York Public Library Performing Arts Desk Reference
1995 costume design Books Costumes By Karinska
by Toni Bentley

1996 biography Books No Intermissions: The Life of Agnes de Mille
by Carol Easton

1996 biography Books Dear Rogue: A Biography of the American Baritone Lawrence Tibbett
by Hertzel Weinstst and Bert Wechsler

1996 biography Books Marquard and Seeley
by Noel Hynd

1996 autobiography Books The Good Life
by Tony Bennett

1997 make-up Books X-Files; Monsters & Mutants
by Chris Carter

1998 musicals Books Making Musicals:
An Informal Introduction to the World of Musical Theatre
by Tom Jones (autographed)

1998 theatre history Books It Happened On Broadway:
An Oral History of the Great White Way
by Harvey Frommer &
Myrna Katz Frommer

1998 program Dance White Oak Dance Project
(UCLA / Wiltern Theatre)

1998 program Off-Broadway The Jello Is Always Red
(NYC / York Theatre / starring Clark Gesner, Neal Young, Celia Gentry)

1998 program Other Shows/Regional Birdy
(Philadelphia Theatre Co.)

1999 program Off-Broadway Cabaret (revival)
(Roundabout Theatre / Studio 54)

1999 biography Books Gore Videl
by Fred Kaplan

2000 vaudeville history Books The Voice of the City
2000 program Broadway Jackie Mason's Much Ado About Everything
(NYC / John Golden Theatre / solo performance)

2000 biography Books Cole
by Robert Kimball, Brendan Gill

2000 biography Books Notes On A Cowardly Lion:
The Biography of Bert Lahr
by John Lahr

2000 theatrical history Books Vanishing Acts: Theater Since the Sixties
by Gordon Rogoff

2000 vaudeville history Books Tony Pastor: Father of Vaudeville
2001 article Dance Gotta Preserve Dance On Film
(Los Angeles Times / Academy of Dance on Film)

2001 theatre history Books Profiles of African American Performers
and Theatre People, 1816-1960
by Bernard L. Peterson, Jr.

2001 autobiography Books Ghost Lght
by Frank Rich

2002 theatre history Books At This Theatre
by Louis Botto

2002 autobiography Books Lollipop
by Reva Howitt Clar

2002 autobiography Books Just Lucky, I Guess
by Carol Channing

2002 television history Books Your Show of Shows
by Ted Sennett

2003 autobiography Books The Days We Danced
by Doris Eaton Travis

2004 theatre history Books Queer Encyclopedia of Music,
Dance & Musical Theater
Claude J. Summers (Editor)

2004 opera Books From Johnson's Kids to Lemonade Opera:
The American Classical Singer Comes of Age
Victoria Etnier Villamil

2005 article Dance/Theatre Sheila Xoregos: On the Banks of the Surreal
( cyberinterview)

2005 theatre history Books Lost Empires:
The Phenomenon of Theatres Past, Present and Future
by Nigel Fountain

2005 acting essays Books Your Face Looks Familar...
by Michael Bofshever

2005 autobiography Books Dean And Me: A Love Story
by Jerry Lewis and James Kaplan

2005 biography Books Buster Keaton: Tempest In A Flat Hat
by Edward McPherson

2005 theatres Books Theatres of San Francisco
by Jack Tillmany

2006 theatre history Books New York City Vaudeville
by Anthony Slide

2006 program Off-Broadway Blind Lemon Blues
(NYC / York Theatre / starring Akin Babatunde)

2006 article Dance Queensland Ballet: Excalibur
(review / Pointe Magazine)

2006 program Off-Broadway Busker Alley
(NYC / York Theatre / starring Jim Dale)

2006 program Off-Broadway A Fine & Private Place
(NYC / York Theatre / starring Glenn Seven Allen)

2006 program Off-Broadway That Time of the Year
(NYC / York Theatre / starring Bridget Beirne)

2006 article Dance Last of the Ziegfeld Girls
(article /

2006 dance history Books Radio City Rockettes
(James Porto Photos)

2007 program Broadway Xanadu
(NYC / Helen Hayes Theatre / previews / starring Kerry Butler)

2007 Autobiography Books Vaudeville Days
by Kathryn Beals (with Don Langley)

2007 article Dance The Love of Dancing
(article / San Bernardino Sun / Lucy Guss)

2008 program Off-Broadway My Vaudeville Man
(NYC / York Theatre / starring Shonn Wiley)

2008 program Off-Broadway Enter Laughing
(NYC / York Theatre / starring Josh Grisetti)

2008 theatre history Books Ziegfeld: The Man Who
Invented Show Business
by Ethan Mordden

2008 theatre history Books FOX West Coast Theatres
by Edward Kelsey

2008 Autobiography Books The Legs Are The Last To Go
by Diahann Carroll

2009 program Off-Broadway Blind Lemon Blues
(NYC / York Theatre / starring Akin Babatunde)

2009 musical theatre Books Kander and Ebb
by James Leve

2009 theatre Books Oregon Shakespeare Festival
by Leary & Richard

2009 autobiography Books Eighty Is Not Enough
by Dick Van Patten and Robert Baer

2009 autobiography Books Cloris: My Autobiography
by Cloris Leachman and George Englund

2009 theatre Books Blumenfeld's Dictionary of Acting & Show Business
by Robert Blumenfeld

2009 theatre history Books Automats, Taxi Dances & Vaudeville
by David Freeland

2010 dance history Books Apollo's Angels: A History of Ballet
by Jennifer Homans

2010 article Theatres California Theatre of the Performing Arts
(San Bernardino / Press-Enterprise article)

2010 program Off-Broadway Falling For Eve
(NYC / York Theatre)

2010 theatrical history Books Broadway Musicals
by Frank Vlastnik and Ken Bloom

2010 biography Books Diary of Lily Langtry
by Donna Lee Harper

2010 biography Books Kay Thompson
by Donna Lee Harper

2010 autobiography Books And Furthermore
by Judi Dench

2010 theatrical history Books Old Boston Museum Days
by Kate Ryan

2010 program Other Shows/Regional Fox Theatre Gala
(Riverside, CA / grand re-opening celebration)

2011 program Other Shows/Regional Hair
(San Francisco / Golden Gate Theatre / Broadway touring co)

2011 program Off-Broadway Asuncion
(NYC / Cherry Lane Theatre)

2011 autobiography Books The Garner Files
by James Garner
& Jon Winokur

2011 dance history Rene Blum and the Ballet-Russe
by Judith Chazin-Bennahum

2011 autobiography Books Life Is Not A Stage
by Florence Henderson

2011 autobiography Books Dick Van Dick:
My Lucky Life In and Out
of Show Business
by Dick Van Dyke

2011 autobiography Books A Sawdust Heart:
My Vaudeville Life in Medicine and Tent Shows
by Henry Wood

2011 reference Books I Used To Know That: Shakespeare
by Liz Evers

2012 program Other Shows/Regional Allegiance
(Old Globe Theatre / San Diego / starring George Takai)

2012 clipping Ephemera Broadway In Small Doses
(clipping / New York Times)

2012 clipping Ephemera San Bernardino Story
(clipping / San Bernardino Sun / West Side Story connection)

2012 program Other Shows/Regional Still Standish
(N. California traveling comedy revue)

2012 article Ephemera Encore - Black Theaters
(National Trust for Historic Preservation)

2012 biography Books Queen of Vaudeveille
by Andrew L. Erdman

2012 musical theatre Books Xanadu: the Musical
by Jesse Russell (editor)
Ronald Cohn (editor)

2012 choreography Dance A Century of Dance
(US Postal Service stamp series)

2013 article Ephemera Houdini Made Magic On Third Street
(San Bernardino's Third Street
by Mark Muckenfuss)

2013 biography Books Fosse
by Sam Wasson

2014 clipping Ephemera Elaine Stritch
(clipping with photo from Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me documentary)

2015 program Other shows/Regional War of the Worlds
(Readers Theatre / LA)

2015 program Other shows/Regional Krusher Does Krusher
(Readers Theatre / LA)

2015 program Other shows/Regional You Can't Take It With You
(Radio Play / Garden Grove, CA)

2015 program Other shows/Regional Fresh Ink
(Blue Room Theatre; Chico, CA)

* - Many of the earlier programs (especially those from 1840 to 1880) are "broadsides",
printed on single sheets of thin, fragile paper. This would make them easy to be posted
on walls, billboards or in store windows. The type face used would be large and clear
and there was usually little illustration.

A return to using broadsides was also made by many theatres during the paper shortages of World Wars I & II.

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